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Oban Area

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Hi, we're off to the west coast of Scotland in about 10 days' time for our summer hols :)


Any cache recommendations? We're renting a holiday cottage north of Oban. (Nothing too strenuous please, I don't think I'm fit enough for, say, a hike up Ben Nevis ;) )

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There's a few to get on the way....


Firkin Point GCTP26

Rest and Be Thankful Too GCR3W8

The Butter Falls GCR2W4

"Real Handy" GCT89F


There's only a few near Oban, all worth a visit. I'd particularly recommend Anchored Down in Anchorage GCVBZV for its location. Duncan Ban MacIntyre GCM7AX near the north of Loch Awe has great views. There's a cluster of caches near Craobh Haven about 30 mins south of Oban. Search near this one to find them, Lunga Ridge Cache GCVQDA. If you go further south to Lochgilphead (where I am based!!) there's some lovely caches in locations with great views/locations. Search around this one Two to View GCQQ9Y.


If you need any more info on caches or the area drop me an email. The west is the bit I know best!



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