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Oh No!

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You were ripped by the people who sold you the software. MOST places let you trade CD's. The idea is that if you trade for what you have you are not just stealing the software.


I'd try Garmin next. Since they don't sell Blank and Unmarked CD's you may get lucky and Garmin will trade you directly. If you don't (and remember it looks like you were ripped off by the company) try your luck with the BBB, or the State Attorney Generals office, or eBay, or whoever looks into Fraud.


I'm assuming you actually paid for Mapsource software for your GPS.

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well i just recieved my garmin legend c and software (maps and what not) for it. but the cd's were unmarked, so i tried them both in my cd and dvd drive. they did not work in either drives. i tried sending it back to where it came from, but they refused and sent me an appoligy explaining i ould have to rebuy the software and maps. if anyone out there has the mapping and software for this gps, could you hook me up please. thank you


p.s. remember, spoterfast before some one eles does


Sounds to me like you are the one trying to scam people on here by asking people for a hook up on their copy of the software. This is a highly illegal request and would render their registered copy useless pretty much if they 'hooked' you up.


Call the FBI if you are geniune as cross state fraud has been comitted, may also be federal postal offences committed depending on the circumstances.


Buyer beware!!!

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no it said the maps came with the system, i even have the cd, tehy just dont work

You said the CD's were unmarked. Did you buy this from a Garmin dealer or off of eBay or something? Sounds like someone sold you pirated (or blank) CD's. They should be labelled.
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