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  1. I can assure you mine isnt pirated. My topo maps work fine, but my legitimate City Navigator maps for europe and America wont work. I have found literally hundreds of posts about this problem all over Google with many saying they spent hours on the phone with Garmin. Anyway i have cured it by going back to the previous firmware as i choose not to spend hours on the phone with idiots who install spyware that affects legit units.
  2. Warning! stay well clear of this one. I updated both of my units and now both are saying they can't authenticate the maps must contact seller. I now have two useless units with no way to recover the maps. Re-installing the maps does not work either. And yes the maps are legit. Yet again Garmin has lost the plot on this one, sliding even closer with their latest units towards bankruptcy. Now i have to find an older firmware and see if i can go backwards.
  3. No one has mentioned battery life. I would have hoped that by now the battery life would have been improved over the older Oregon 400 series and I notice it has not. It quotes 16 hours, but based on the fact that my 450 also quotes 4 hours and actually delivers closer to 4 hours with high end batteries I am a little dismayed to see no expected improvement. If it is quoting the same 16 as the 450 I am assuming we can expect the usual 4 to 8 hours of the 450. My Montana on the other hand delivers way more than the stated battery life, often delivering well over 20 hours of use. I do like the fact that the unit appears to have Bluetooth and I am hoping this means it will communicate with bluetooth enabled stereo systems in vehicles for turn by turn voice commands. I will sit this one out until I can see there are none of the usual introductory issues such as screen recalls or almost unusable launch firmware. Been very happy with my Oregon 450 and Montana, but would like the brighter screen of the 600 series and bluetooth if it delivers as expected. A perfect unit for me and many others i know that use Garmins would be a unit right between the oregon and montana in screensize but much thinner than the montana.
  4. There has been a lot of noise lately about the amount of backing from the Feds and the fact the legislation is moving forward that would effectively ban GPS in vehicles. The basis for this is none sense and in fact banning GPS in vehicles would actually cost lives as people get into traffic and are not aware of where to drive to etc. As a cop of 16 years + I have never encountered or heard of crash caused because someone was using a GPS, however the legislation intends to classify GPS use as a distracted driver device. This needs us GPS users to follow the legislation carefully and let the legislators know this is highly unacceptable and dangerous to drivers. See below taken from an MSN article today: http://bottomline.msnbc.msn.com/_news/2012/03/27/10885768-new-guidelines-may-restrict-in-car-gps-gadgets As federal regulators move forward on plans to put new distracted driving regulations in place, it’s quite possible that future rules would bar the use of in-car navigation systems – at least as we know them today. In fact, many of the basic features that buyers are coming to expect – and that manufacturers are pushing, much to the delight of their accounting departments – could be severely restricted or even barred entirely. Research by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration contends that of nearly 900,000 crashes reported to police, 17 percent involved some form of distracted driving. Of that figure, 3 percent, or 26,000 crashes, involved “a device/control integral to the vehicle,” according to NHTSA. That could cover anything from a poorly placed switch for an SUV’s rear windshield to the controls for a 14-way power seat.
  5. Garmin appear to be showing more and more and increasing level of incompetence. They need to fire their entire development team and start again. This is one of the rare arguments in favor of outsourcing to a more competent team overseas. Firstly, how on earth can they put out a Beta link with the link not working? Does no one at Garmin test the link by clicking on it once they post it to software update section? secondly, it took a couple of days for them to fix it after they had been notified. Anyone who does web development will tell you that even with the most complex of websites a link update takes 20 seconds at most!!!! Thirdly, this 3.94 has turned so many peoples units into bricks so far clearly no one at Garmin ever tests a software update before releasing it. If they had just tried the release on a couple of units they would have seen massive issues within seconds rather than just sending it out for us all to fry our units!!!. Get yer sh@t together Garmin!!! we are growing tired and weary of your BS.
  6. This link is just taking me to a purchase SD cards with a Chartplotter update on it when i click the download button. It does not go to the download.
  7. The white screen issue is not as frequent now, but it is still definitely there for me. Now it is inconsistent appearing to happen randomly rather than following a certain action which leads me to agree with what Yogazoo said in anther post that it has to be map related rather than unit. The prior update disabled my ability to navigate to any way-point in Canada which living close to the US/Canada border is a problem for me, I haven't yet been able to test if this has been fixed. Hopefully Garmin will eventually get the white screen issue worked out, probably just in time for the launch of a Montana replacement!
  8. Yogazoo, I agree with you that it is hard to give up on such a great unit, but this latest update which has killed my ability to hit Go on the navigate to function after selecting a way point has rendered the unit 100% useless unless i just want to look at a map and not actually navigate to anything. I could live with the cradle issue, but this new issue is unacceptable. The fact that not everyone out there gets the same issues also suggests that there are different hardware versions out there with maybe Garmin having corrected some issues found in earlier Garmins. I am not convinced it is entirely a software issue. there are many out there on the same software as me that dont get gradle issues or the Go issue. Just food for thought, I am lucky i can send my unit back to REI anytime i want for a full refund if these 'updates' continue, but others are not so lucky.
  9. I am just about done with Garmin for me it seems every update brings even worse problems. Not only have they not fixed the power off issue when using the Auto Cradle but now when i hit Go on a waypoint today when crossing into Canada I found the Unit is shutting off everytime you select a waypoint and hit Go. Just gets worse do Garmin not even look at these updates before they release them.
  10. 1. A year later and they still wont acknowledge the Auto speaker cradle and Montana 600 power off issue. 2. Also once you own mapping software should be able to use it on any unit provided that unit is registered to you. 3. Theirs birdseye feature was a pointless waist of money and very limited usability. 4. A year later and still NO accessories for the Montana!!!
  11. I tried a case like the one you recommend and while i found it to be about the best out there for compact and protection it was a pain sliding the unit in and out every few hours to replace batteries etc. especially as the plastic see through front would stick to the screen of the unit.
  12. This problem just got a whole lot worse with the latest 3.70 software update. Now I get a white screen when i turn the vehicle off whether i select turn off or stay on it doesn't matter what i choose now when i come to turn the Montana back on there is the famous white screen of death and i have to take the unit out of the cradle to get it to reboot. Come on Garmin get your Sh#t together this problem is well documented. I am assuming it is an issue with certain versions of the auto cradle with speaker as not every cradle user gets this problem. It is time for Garmin to come good on this and issue a recall on the cradle. What have others noticed in regards to this problem and the latest software release?
  13. The problem with mine is limited to when you shut off the vehicle and the menu comes up on the Garmin asking if you want to stay on (on Battery) or if you want to shut down the unit. If you don't select either it counts down and shuts the Montana off automatically a few seconds later. It is when you allow this automatic shutdown of the unit that I get the problems powering it back on and the white screen of death. If i pull the unit from the cradle while the vehicle is on or if i chose either the option to remain on. or shut down manually I do not have the problem. It does seem like when allowing the unit to shut down itself that it is jammed trying to save something on the next boot up so i am going to try the suggestions mentioned above this weekend.
  14. I have a problem that i have had for many firmware versions now with my Garmin Montana. When using the auto cradle mount with speaker if i turn the car off and don't manually turn off the Montana by selecting power off on the screen after shutting off the ignition the unit will not power back up again and will turn on but only gives a blank white screen which it won't go past. I have to then pull the battery to get it to start up. Very annoying and Garmin's dreadful customer service was no help either. If this isnt fixed soon mine is going back for a refund. Is anyone else seeing this problem?
  15. I have a similar problem that i have had for many firmware versions now. When using the auto cradle mount with speaker in the car if i turn the car off and dont manually turn off the Montana by selecting power off on the screen after shutting off the ignition the unit will not power back up again and will turn on but only gives a blank white screen. I have to then pull the battery to get it to start up. Very annoying and Garmin's dreadful customer service was no help either. If this isnt fixed soon mine is going back for a refund.
  16. Oh Boy!!! not good. I updated last night looking forward to the changes and this update messes with practically every setting on the unit. All of my fine tuned profiles such as recreation were wiped out after months spent getting settings just where i wanted them. I went in to find recreation profile had been changed to the same as Automobile and all settings had been changed. The unit is now also saying i have over 24,000 geocaches found, (I wish). I have actually only found 86. Until this update the only issue i had with the unit was that sometimes if you let the Montana switch off while in the vehicle navigation cradle (ie when you shut your vehicle off and it automatically shuts the unit down after counting down), it will sometimes not switch back on until you remove the unit from the cradle and remove the battery and re-install the batteries. I wish Garmin would hire a testing team instead of making us the users their lab rats.
  17. This update has created a whole new problem for me that wasnt there before. The Hunting and Fishing calender feature will now not allow you to past the current day. You can go backwards in dates but not forward. Prior to this update you could go to any date in the future and i still can with other Garmin models I have with this feature. Ironically this happened on the first day of hunting season so not happy at all. I wonder what else this update messed up. As stated above hard to tell from your armchair needs to be tested out in the field.
  18. I am sure it is firmware related, but they didnt fix it in 3.20 because i came home and upgraded from 3.00 and that did nothing. Still have to run it in Motorcycle mode and check it with Nuvi.
  19. I put my Montana to the test this weekend on the roads after having bought City Navigator NT 2012.2 the latest version and the speaker cradle. To test it i set it to the same settings as my Nuvi with the same software and i drove from Boston to Maine with both units on. With the Montana no matter what i did i could not get it to choose the fastest or shortest route and it did everything it could to avoid Interstates or direct routes. In fact it tried repeatedly to route me from Boston to Maine through tiny back roads and residential communities. We estimated had we followed its routes it would have taken us over 10 hours for this otherwise 40 minute journey. The Nuvi continued to be spot on. I tried an experiment after frustration grew and i nearly gave up and set the Montana to Motorcycle mode in the Profiles instead of the obvious Automobile mode. This almost fixed the problem and the route was similar although not quite identical to the Nuvi's route. It is almost as if the Automobile mode is calculating a walking route and avoiding all major routes. You would think the motorcycle mode would be the one to avoid interstates as you go out on the bike to see scenic routes. Clearly there is a major issue with Garmin's routing in Automobile mode. And yes i tried every possible setting etc. played around with avoidance's blah blah. Is anyone else having this problem? Right now it makes the Montana useless to me for Auto routing and I may as well go back to a combination of my Nuvi and Oregon.
  20. Okay Einstein, how are you supposed to start a formal letter. Dear Sir/Madam if you do not know the name is widely recognized as the international protocol for starting any formal letter!!!
  21. The IPad 2 only has a built in GPS if you got the 3G version with data or phone package. I suspect yours is a regular IPad 2. I made the same mistake in buying mine thinking they all had GPS capability and that is not the case.
  22. Wow I am jealous you are getting a whole 4 hours I wish. Eversince i got my Oregon 450 I have been lucky to see 3 hours out of a set of 2700 MaH batteries. Just switched to a Montana with the supplied rechargeable battery and i get days not hours from this thing, Incredible!
  23. Just got my Montana 600 and for the most part very happy with it, but I cant find the Geocache hint anywhere when i view a geocache GPX on it. It is right there with my Oregon 450 where i can find it but no sign of it on the Montana. Anyone know where or how i can view the hint if at all possible?
  24. I am selling a barely used 60 CSX with case, cable and backup of TOPO USA 2008. This is in excellent condition as i bought it as a backup to a boat unit and so has been barely used. $180 shipped within the US. Will even throw in charger and rechargeable AA batteries. jonsouthern1 @ hotmail.com for more info.
  25. There are at least 2 notices in the box indicating that the instructions manual for the Oregon 450 are located on the memory of the Unit if you plug it into a computer they can be accessed that way. Alternatively the full manual can be found on Garmins website at: http://www8.garmin.com/support/userManual....ct=010-00697-41
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