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Wanting to promote Jesus Christ, we hid a multi- with hints fo reach of the first 2 stages based on verses from Scripture. We indicated in the cache description that you needed a Bible, almost any version, to retrieve the hints. No negative comments on them so far. :-)


Sort of off topic, but isn't "promote Jesus Christ" kind of an agenda which isn't supposed to be allowed?? :laughing: (Even though I've seen a few of this type cache in my area)




yes, i saw that too. seems to me there was a thread recently about the appropriateness of caches that require a bible. the standard view seemed to be that most people don't mind needing a bible, but that a cache with a religious agenda is way off base.


since this cache owner states clearly that the cache's purpose is to promote Jesus Christ, there is no possibility of pretending there's no religious agenda.


i'm particularly concerned that this is an inappropriate use of scripture; i cannot imagine that this is a use that will enlighten anybody. at the very least it serves as an annoyance to those who do no believe; at worst it provides a reason for derision and abuse.

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The hint that upset me the most was "A Hint will be given to you after you post a (NO FIND) on this page" I was still using paper and decrypting by hand, I was out of town at training and did not have access to a computer so I could not get the hint while there. I posted my DNF and sent a request for a hint before I went back for training and I never got a hint :laughing:


The hint that stumped us and was completely useless without prior knowledge was "I have two favorite Randy Newman songs. One is "Birmingham". The other applies to this cache", Luckily I found the cache despite the clue. It was hanging in a tree and the clue alluded to :Short People"


I like hints to be hints, give me an idea of where to look next. I only look at the hint when we were unable to find the cache on our own so we need a nudge in the right direction.

As a cache hider I like my caches to be found so I like to give mulitple hints increasing with information:


Located on a sandstone glade above a bluff


Under rock outcrop

Between Gnarled trees.

west end of rock.


Link to the past

of a Pencil Eraser

[type] Magnetic

[location] On chain

[more] At post


There are a few of my caches that I meant for it to be a hunt so the hints are not specific:

Honker Hill

Hidden in a depression left from long gone fallen tree, when hidden correctly with leaf litter the spot looks like the rest of the forest floor.


Don't let depression get down, or your pity will swallow you whole!


There are times that I want to use a hint that almost gives the location away if I don't want finders tearing the location up looking or most likely the location is the prize so I want them to spend time looking around at what all there is to see instead of looking for the cache.

Sandstone and Solitude

There is a picture of the stone in the Gallery that will show you why I used the hint:

Stone with a Backbone

North side, Under Backbone



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Ironically on two of our hides, we noticed a piece of grafiti near the hiding site. So our hint on those two are puns that play on the particular grafiti. The hides seem to be tough enough that many finders have emailed us saying how funny they found the hint :laughing:

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I travel quite a bit, so cache out-of-town as much if not more than in, and a DNF on the road is a total waste of time. I appreciate a good clue.


I agree. It really sucks to drive a couple of hours to grab some caches and then DNF.


We will go do some 5/5's but then we expect a DNF, but to do a 1/1 and DNF makes no sense.


I thought the reason to place a cache is to have the cacher find the cache B)

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