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I would LOVE to see a place on GC where one could get basic HTML information.

I have searched my old posts and the forums, and I can't seem to pull up the info I want. I am so lousy with computers, and if someone told me how to do something 6 months ago, and I haven't used it since, it's gone.


First, how do you put a picture on the cache page? Assume the user is really stupid, like me, and explain it ~exactly~. Now, I have the picture up there, but the writing is all squished up next to it. How do I do a paragraph break? How do I center the picture? If I don't want to center the picture, how do I get the text to come cascading down alongside it?


Either a short tutorial on this site, or a link to another site that could help would be glorious. In the meantime, I have a rather half baked looking web page that I would like to pretty up.


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