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Trip To Huntsville And Madison, Al


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GCH1HZ - trade (wooded area) at (near) the I-65 Hwy 72 interchange


GCMFY6 is in the Monte Sano Land Reserve (southeast Huntsville)


Also, the US Space and Rocket Center/Marshall Spaceflight Center it in that general area and if your kids are old enough to enjoy a museum it's a really cool place to visit and worth the price of admission, especially if they like space related stuff and are interested in seeing the hardware up close and personal. I *believe* the SR-71 is a virtual cache as well. There may be other virtuals outside where the Shuttle, Saturn V's and other large hardware is displayed.


Have fun!

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We have numerous caches of all difficulties scattered about, is there an area that you want to stay around?

You know best the abilities of your young ones and what kind of caches you want to try.


I'll be happy to provide some specific caches/areas.

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We try to find caches that are pretty easy.

They really enjoy the ones on trails and in parks.

We’re planning the space center and GCH1HZ. I think the Space Center is one they will enjoy. And GCH1HZ will be a nice place to break at.



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