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This category would log the historical markers that dot the countryside all over Saskatchewan. There are many markers I see when I drive across country road for work and it would be nice to take a few minutes and log each one. This will give a database of the markers of many places that might have been forgotten about and history of the area lots of people might not even know.


The category proposal was submited in the forums today, I am not sure if it will be approved or when it may be approved.


Here is a link to the group I have created to manage this category. Please join the group and help log and manage the Saskatchewan Historical markers. There is a need of at least three managers for the each category so if your interested please join the group.



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Excelent Idea spud..... I was actualy looking at doing this as a virtual a few years ago. lol If you need any help with this, just let me know. I am actually going to place a mcro on one of these when I get back from Quebec next week. I guess I will be able to log one here as well. :o

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Update on Saskatchewan Historical Markers category:


Right now the group officer voting is taking place and once the vote is complete the category will move onto peer review and once that takes place it should be approved. When this category is approved we can go out and find as many markers as we can.


Thanks for all the interest in this new category and thank you to those members that have joined the group.

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