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Can You Transfer Garmin Unlock Codes After A Sell?

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My question is, if you sell a Garmin GPS, for example a GPSMAP60CS, can you transfer the CitySelect unlock codes, software, and all the other registration stuff to the new owner so that they can use the maps and install CitySelect on their computer? I emailed Garmin tech support to ask them too, but I am curious if anyone has any first-hand experience with this. Thanks.

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In a real-world sense, I don't think it matters. If the buyer now has the discs, and the seller's not trying to keep using the software, the I'd say it's OK. But I don't work for Garmin, either! :-) Unless the buyer or seller calls Garmin or the BSA about it, they won't ever know.


Dunno if you can get tech support for a tranferred app, either...

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