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Travelling Cache

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So I set up this Harbor Hike cache a couple years ago as one of my first. It was in a surplus ammo can that I'd painted black with the Groundspeak logo on it. I placed it about a half mile hike down a boulder beach by a seasonal waterfall. This spring I got a message from someone that they couldn't find it, so I went to check and sure enough, it was gone. Struck me as odd because it was secured amongs rocks and halfway up a cliff that was hard enough to get to that it was pretty free of muggle traffic. I looked around the beach to see if it had fallen down and become lodged amongst the rocks, to no avail. I wrote it off as lost, feeling bad because there was a travelbug in it when it was last seen.


Yesterday I got an email from a non-cacher who had stumbled across the cache container on a beach which was 20 miles across open water (see picture).


Needless to say, I was baffled. He sent me a picture of the container and it's contents:


I guess the watertight seal on this 15 year old surplus container held up better than expected in order to float the cache all the way across the Minas Basin (home of the highest tides in the world). The fact that it didn't get hung up on the Cape Split peninsula on its way across is pretty amazing. It would have been months, if ever, for it to turn up found there, as it's an easy 3-4 hour hike to get to the tip.


Just thought I'd pass the story along. The guy who found it is shipping me the cache in the mail, as it's about a 4 hour drive around the basin to where he lives. I'll restock it and reset it a little more sturdily this time, I think.

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Great story! The map really helps to visualize your cache's journey.


A similar thing happened in Pittsburgh, when the floodwaters of Hurricane Ivan washed my friend's ammo box downstream. A muggle living along the riverbank found the cache in his yard. He wrote an enthusiastic e-mail to the cache owner, saying that he was going to get into geocaching as a result of his lucky discovery. Oh, and that he was gonna keep the ammo box to hide his first cache in. <_<

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That's a great story. :unsure:


When I first saw the title of this thread I thought you might have been talking about a real moving cache. :o

We have a poker cache that several of us chase around the town.

It has a list in it numbered 1 to 52.

Each time you find it you randomly get a card from the deck.

You then have to re-hide it somewhere else, change the finders code and post the coordinates.

When all the cards have been handed out the person with the best hand gets to start the next round.

The container is an Altoids can painted in a camo pattern with magnets in it.

There is also a piece of chalk that you use to put 3 lines in the place you found it so

The next person that comes after if will know its been found.


Check out http://poker.gpsgames.org/cgi-bin/poker.pl?gamenum=38

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