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  1. I often dip travel bugs when I am going on a long road trip. I think it is more fun watching them travel with someone and seeing where they go. For instance, I went from Florida to North Carolina and then to Indiana awhile ago and I dipped several TBs along the way and then dropped them off in Indiana. Not only did the owners get to see my traveling path but their TBs got a lot more mileage. I also posted images as I went. I got several emails thanking me. I would have immediately dropped off the TB if I gotten a request from the owner. It is not as much fun if the person isn't traveling real far and they are just dipping the TB. I bet the geocacher thinks they are doing a good thing so I am at least happy to see you wrote a "polite" email. Everyone plays the game differently so you can never really expect it to go the way you want all the time. Just my two cents.
  2. Thanks again! And Brian, I saw the post by Eartha, very disappointing. If not only for the contest, but finding the Jeep was cool too. I hope they eventually do something like that again, even if you don't win a big prize. I too feel especially fortunate to have won what may have been the last Jeep contest. Thanks!
  3. I got my 2008 Jeep Liberty from the 2007 Jeep TB contest on July 1st! It felt fitting getting it on that day because I think that was the date or around the date of the contest beginning last year. The first thing you will see in the photos is the Jeep isn't Red. I was given a choice in color and options on the Jeep. I really considered getting the Red Rock Crystal Pearl, but my last car was my dad's old red car and red has never been my favorite color. I figured since I am paying a little over 10,000 in taxes and options I could get my favorite color. I want to thank everyone again for the votes, comments, and kindness! Thanks also to Jeep and Geocaching! This was so awesome and couldn't have come at a better time for my family. I haven't heard if they are considering doing the Jeep TB contest again, but it was a great contest. Thanks! Eric, Anne, and Kailey
  4. I think a blue jeep would be neat. I am guilty too of holding onto some Jeeps too long. I have a few TBs that I need to drop off. I haven't been geocaching much since my daughter was born. I won the 2007 Jeep contest and was hoping to take some photos of my new jeep with a Red Jeep TB. I haven't received my Jeep Liberty yet, but it has been ordered. This is a great contest and a lot of fun. Please keep in mind you have to pay taxes! I am expecting to pay up to 10000 just in taxes, sales and income. You still can't get a new Jeep for that cheap though. I never did come across any Red, White, or Green jeeps that were modified in any way. I have never seen a Yellow jeep.
  5. Thanks everyone for the comments. Once I get the prize I will post some photos. Eric
  6. I am very excited to say that my photo was chosen as the winning photo in the Red Jeep TB contest. I found out 5 days ago but my family advised me not to say anything until the geocaching site confirmed my win. They posted the photo today! I can't thank everyone enough for their comments on my photo and of course for their votes. Thank you to Groundspeak, geocaching.com, Jeep, etc for this cool contest. I have never really won anything of value before this contest. Of course, at this point I don't have any details on the actual grand prize and when I may be getting it. My wife and I feel very fortunate for this chance. The vehicle I have been driving is literally falling apart and we can't afford to get a new one. My first baby (daughter) was born on 2/8/08 and we both decided not to allow her in my current vehicle for safety reasons. So this will be great timing! It will be awesome to have a reliable vehicle! I learned to drive in a Red Jeep Wrangler and have always loved Jeeps. Congratulations to all the winners and runner ups! There were a ton of cool photos this contest! A BIG thanks again from my wife, baby, and myself! Eric
  7. That is a really nice post bearly_sane. Good luck to you too. It is all about having fun!
  8. I get worried when I see that my TB is put in a cache with a lot of other TBs. Not because I worry it will be stolen but I have had some sit for awhile because people don't take it but take others. I had one sit in a hotel cache for awhile and had a lot of people discover it but for whatever reason nobody would pick it out of the bunch to move along. It finally did get moved though....
  9. I just meant to say you do a good job with your work - canoe and your little trailer. I am sure it kind of felt like buying a friend a lottery ticket that ends up winning a lot of money when you saw doroalry won. But it is great helping out friends and he did take a good photo with it. Also, congrats to Brian - Team A.I. and the other September photos! Those are some awesome photos!
  10. There have been a lot of neat photos this contest. I can tell that trouters1 does some great work with crafts and wood. I am always impressed, especially with what you did with the overall winning photo last year with the canoe. I like bearly_sane's photo too, I have a twisted sense of humor also. You have to have fun with it all...
  11. That is some good data, nice job.
  12. Yep, sadly I think a lot of them have become part of cachers personal collections. It has been awhile since I have seen one too.
  13. Thank you! And congrats to you and your wife, you both have a great eye.
  14. I like the idea! Sounds like fun.
  15. I just realized I never posted on here that I won the month of August. I can't thank everyone enough for their votes and all the emails I got with comments about my photo. I had a lot of fun making the scene for my photo and am happy that people liked it. I learned to drive in a Red Jeep Wrangler and have loved Jeep ever since. Whenever I drove that Jeep I felt a sense of community with other Jeep owners and a sense of envy from my high school peers. Thank you also to geocaching.com that has given me so much over the years! Eric
  16. Yea! Thanks for posting the winners link. I had no idea that I won Runner Up. That is really cool. The most I have ever won was a CD in High School. lol My wife, Sunshine Sassafras, won first place! She found out by email last week. We are both very excited. However, now I have to put up with her taunts that her picture is better. lol I have to admit though that she has some awesome ideas for her photos. She is a good photographer and wife. Especially since she is carrying our first baby, due Valentine's Day. Thanks to Groundspeak, Jeep, and all the great geocachers! Eric P.S. My wife says thank you too, however she can't access the forums through her account. There is an error somewhere that can't seem to be fixed.
  17. If it has been a week then I think it is appropriate to email the cacher. They still may be traveling and haven't had a chance or maybe they forgot. They may also not know how to log it. I think a friendly email would be fine.
  18. I think you are fine. Before the cache is published I think it says it is disabled. Everything looks fine on the cache page now, it has been published and appears to be ready for a FTF.
  19. I wish the previous winners would share their photos with us. I know many of us are anxious to see them! Here is my photo for "Only in a Jeep". I was going for the humorous approach. Hope it makes you smile! Nominate Here THANK YOU!
  20. Yea! A happy ending! Very cool. I just found one that had been missing for a year. I just found it sitting in a highly used cache.
  21. Cool! I had thought about this a couple of months ago while watching Miami Ink. I thought it would be funny if someone got a tattoo on the back of their head with the tracking number. lol I wouldn't do it in fear that someday (horrible thought) the travel bugs didn't exist anymore, like they gave up on the idea. It is a neat idea and I applaud those that got one for their bravery and dedication. Eric
  22. That is an excellent question. I have a funny feeling that nobody is really looking at if they complete their mission. Except maybe those of us who got the TB in the mail and sent it off to begin with. I bet once it reaches its goal it probably is meant just to continue traveling the world spreading the word about diabetes. I could be wrong though. Good job if you got it to its goal! Eric
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