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Buffalo Wings V2.5

Team Sand Dollar

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Since we have already run out of Gold , have only 25 of the Antique Silver, and 67 Bronze BW2 geocoins left we have decided on a remake of the coin. The coin is the same trackable coin with icon, only the metals and colors have changed. I have ordered 100 of each but if demand is there I will reorder a few more.


At this time I am looking for TRADES for coins that we are missing as some coins have not been made available through trade. Since I collect coins for myself (Team Sand Dollar) and my Dad (Buffalo Wings), we are interested in 2 coins of all Personal, State, Group, Event, and Country coin. Since I'm not interested in all coins we only need one of the others. We are not interested in collection all metals.


The first coin will be Black Nickle with an all White Buffalo and White outer rings.




The Second coin will be Copper with an all Black Buffalo and Black outer rings.




I will later sell some of the coins to those that do not have trades but they will be a minimum of $8 plus shipping. I set this price to encourge trades.


Team Sand Dollar

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Only 3 replies :)


Hopefully I will get more response on this one when they come in. If any one is interested here are some of the newer coins I have been unable to trade for and am looking for.



AJetPilot (Trade established)


Belken Geocaching Around Australia 2006

Blazing Trolls


Blue Canary

BlueGillFisherman Ver 2

Cache Buzzards 2006

Coinfusion 2006



Jeeptoysrus's Jeep

Kealia / Hula Bum

Lehigh Mafia


macdonr & Mac


MtnTreker 2005

Obsessed with Geocaching DGreno

Obsessed with Geocaching EMC

Obsessed with Geocaching Team Alamo

Obsessed with Geocaching Ventura Kids

Oldhippy & Granny (1)


Peconic Bay Sailors

Pepper's - Pepper

Robert's Personal Geocoin

Tabata2 Swiss

Team Badger

Team Donutdog (1)

Uncle Jon

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I have the Buffalo Wings V2.5 coins in hand. These turned out great and I will post a picture as soon as I can get a good one. At this time these coins are only being traded as there are still a lot of missing coins in our collections (Team Sand Dollar)(Buffalo Wings).


Check my list at COIN TRACKING to see what we have to determine what we need.


Team Sand Dollar

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