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Exporting Tomtom Poi From Gsak


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Haing real problems with my tomtom poi file. I use GSAK and usually export the tomtom poi file onto my pda the thing is now it only takes it to 19 miles away i must have messed it up somewhere because it always used to export all the geocaches for the 400 caches i had downloaded.

can anyone help me tell me where i have gone wrong please i used to have it working great :lol:

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I thought i had the same problems with my TOM TOM when i updated the software but i didn't.


The first 40 or so nearest caches are shown in the POI menu but the other caches were still in the TOM TOM. If i scrolled the map or went on a journey the nearest 40 showed up wherever i was in the country.

This only started happening since the software update.


Don't know if this is the problem you have but hope it helps. :lol:

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I have no problem with GSAK loading straight into TomTom (in my case TT One but should be no different with a PDA) but as has been said TomTom does not show the POIs over a certain distance which I thought was 30 miles but could well be 20. When you get in range of those "hidden" POIs, they show up again. If you want to access a POI which is out of range it is possible on the One to type in its identity.

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