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I know I have read other stories from people who suffer from the same mentality I do... Following that GPS down whatever trail it may take you :D


Recently I have trusted my GPS more than my common sense. Autorouting is great ( I use a garmin 60cs with city select 6 software) but sometimes (especially recently) I am somewhat amused at the places it will lead me when navigating to the cache using "follow road".


I would love to blame it on Urban Caching since some small parks and shopping centers are nestled in among housing areas (nothing like pulling up to a house and wondering "backyard maybe?" :huh: ). Usually a quick read of the cache page and logs clues me back in as to where I am actually heading.

I have some very interesting drives in Miami FL following my GPS blindly around (it loves alleyways and back areas of malls), but alas it will do the same in the backwoods on county roads as well.


I led my brother and niece a merry chase on the back roads of Oklahoma. We left one cache and the GPS said we should turn around and go back the way we came to hit a major highway to get to the next one. My brother had driven further down the road and by the time I caught up with him it had recalculated a new path. I showed my brother and he agreed to follow me. Several miles into a very twisty back woods area it advised me to turn around <_< So we ended up more or less just taking roads that led in the general direction of a known major road. The gps finally found roads it liked and I followed it from that point. It got us close, but it didn't like the main road into the park that the cache was in... so we ended up passing the entrance only to find that the little road that it wanted us to use didn't really exist. We turned around again and went into the park (that I had figured it was in ) and I recalculated to use "off road" from that point.


I just get kind of tickled at how easy it is to just assume that the machine knows where it is going :(


I'll add this... my recent style of caching has been to load all the waypoints in my gps and then start finding the closest one to me THEN reading the cache page on my PDA. I know its not the smartest way to do it, but it has interesting results :D

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Lets see Auto routing..... I ask you this question when you can get two different sites with same corridinates...does the fancy auto routing help you out when your in a situation like this and have to drive 5 to 6 miles to check out other site, it could be at.....????


Forget auto find...... I borrowed a lesser priced GPS and other than 2 dnfs cause of my stupidity... I have been only 6 foot off at the most.......The double co ordinate site was because of an over hang....


Nothing was never downloaded to GPS.. Set it to my location and may have walked aways because of where cache was at when got to coordinates ban was there.


I find either the north or west coordinates and look at terrain and go from there....then figure clikes on GPS and bam....


I feel dont you need anything fancy when you use commen sense....


Ops ever gps manufacturer who specializes in high priced units will hate me for above statement...

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