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I've Made Up My (gar)mind

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Like many others I am in the mood for a new gpsr.

I've watched and read the forums and had decided on the Explorist XL or the 60cx(s).

I presently own a Mag Sporttrak Pro and so have a mapsend topo to go with it so I would be set with a new maggie.

There are so many pro's and con's for and against each that I decided to write each tech support and decided that way. B)

I email Mag a week and a half ago asking about the XL, about future plans, etc. NO REPLY!!! B)

I email Garmin yesterday about some of my (our) concerns with lithium's and wandering when standing still.

I got this reply today: :(


Thank you for contacting Garmin.


The GPSMAP 60CX is designed to operate with alkaline batteries. However,

rechargeable batteries will work fine provided they are not more than 1.5

volts each.


All GPSs will wonder until you are moving at least 1 mile per hour for

Garmin units. If you want an accurate compass then you will want a GPS with

an electronic compass such as the GPSMAP 60CSX. The electronic compass

allows the user to view his and her heading while either standing still or

moving too slowly for the GPS to detect. The barometric altimeter allows the

user to track recent changes in ambient air pressure. This allows the unit

to calculate a precise altitude reading when properly calibrated.


That settles it. Heads-Garmin wins. :P

I will be getting the 60cxs in the next couple of weeks and dumping...ahem...selling my sporttrak to a needy family. :lol:

Looks like you guys were right about tech support. :lol:

Thanks for everyone being so up front and honest about your experiences with mag's and garmins.

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I use lithiums all the time, but they are not rechargeable. They work great in cold weather and they have high energy density.


Im playing with a 60C while waiting for my 76CS, and I cant imagine why anyone other than a peson who flies would need the 60 CSX. Its overkill and conspicuous consumption i.m.o.


Yep, the poor sure need a GPS. Thats why they were served on the mount. Meliora - they also need to hear about your nice car.



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Im playing with a 60C while waiting for my 76CS, and I cant imagine why anyone other than a peson who flies would need the 60 CSX. Its overkill andconspicuous consumption i.m.o.



Actually, the 60CSX is mearly a toy & pretty much usless in an airplane. If you care to enlighten youself, go to Garmin's website and look up the Garmin 196, 296, & 396. Those are BASIC VFR only GPS's, not even legal to use to shoot approaches in the clouds. If you want check out REAL "conspicuous consumption" go check out the GNS430 & 530, download the simulator and play around with that for a while.

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Oh yeah real good tech support. You ask a question about lithium batteries and they tell you about alkalines and rechargables even though the manual tells you to use lithiums in cold weather! Nevermind the fact that they won't work because garmin decided that in the x models a voltage of 1.7v is just way too much, and don't tell me " I use lithiums in my 60 cs or 76cs" THEY ARE NOT THE SAME!!!!! Garmin knows this to be true and that is why they told you to use alkalines and rechargables.

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Concerning lithium batteries:


What voltage to they produce when below freezing?


I am no electrical engineer or electrician, but I thought that batteries produce lower voltages at lower temperatures. This would make sense that lithium batteries would work under the below freezing conditions which Garmin suggests for these conditions even though they don't work when new at normal room temp.


If my belief about batteries and voltages is true, then Garmin's manual seems to be correct when they say that the unit was designed for alkaline or NiMH batteries, but that lithiums will work better when below freezing.


Maybe someone should put a 60CSX and some lithiums in the freezer and see what happens?

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