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Garmin Etrex Legend Reception Problems

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Hello, I have had my Garmin etrex legend for about 3 months. Over the past few weeks I had trouble getting good reception even under clear sky. often times I will not be able to get any closer the 40 feet from any given geocache, even if im standing right on top of it. Today I left my GPSr out side under clear sky for at least 20 mins to let it get a strong fix but after checking on it, it only fix on 3 satellites. Do y’all have any tips for improving my reception? Thanks, coach

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First, your GPS may be 100% accurate when reporting your position as being 40' away from the cache. That's a function of your GPS accuracy and the cache hiders accuracy and the error of both GPSs. In other words your GPS will very seldom say "0" when you are at the cache. That's normal.


However 3 satalites with clear skies and fairly open horizons after 20min of allowing it to find it's lock is not right. You should get in contact with Garmin.

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