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Can anybody help with an odd request?


OK, here goes. I have Garmin Forerunner 201 which I use to track me while biking or jogging. It is nice downloading the info into the pc to see some statistics.

I also have Microsoft's Streets and Trips with GPS (2005 and 2006 versions.) I would like to down load the Garmin into S&Trips but it doesn't recognize the Garmin. I would like to do this so I can see exactly where I've been as far as the streets are concerned and would like to print the maps.

I've contacted Garmin, no response as of yet.

Microsoft tells me to disable the Garmin device driver and to use the third party driver so S&T will recognize.


I'm NOT the brightest bulb on the menorah! I usually write down things on index cards so I can follow then and complete a task as involved as that.


I'm open to all suggestions and will snail mail a gift for a solution!






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You can't read the track directly into streets and trips.


You can however use GPSBabel or GSAK to export the tracks to a series of waypoints in a CSV file that can be imported into S&T


In GSAK you need to go to File, Export, Streets and trips after saving the track into a GPX file.


The easiest way to do it IMHO would be to use GPSBabel with the following command line command


gpsbabel -w -N -i garmin usb: -o s_and_t -F track.csv


You would then use the import function of S&T to import track.csv


Hope this helps

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gpsbabel -w -N -i garmin usb: -o s_and_t -F track.csv


FR201, unlike FR301, is serial. So it would be "com1:" or whatever serial port his dock is using.


The above would pull waypoints out of his unit. He probably wants tracks. So make that first -w a -t.


If he's on Windows, st2gpx may actually be reasonable approach as it's one of the few things that apparently can write tracks for S&T. So use GPSBabel to pull it out of the unit and into GPX and then st2gpx to get it to S&T.


gpsbabel -t -i garmin -f com1: -o gpx -F blah.gpx

st2gpx [whatever it takes ]


It's all rather tortured, I'm afraid...

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st2gpx [whatever it takes ]

Once you have your track saved as a GPX file then from the ST2GPX documentation

How do I import a GPS track or other GPX data into Streets & Trips, AutoRoute or MapPoint?


First you need to have the data in GPX format - see GPSBabel for that. Then you need to chose your import file, it can be a template map or one with your existing data in it. Be sure to backup this file! Then the command is:


st2gpx -g gpx-in-file -F output-file-name input-file-name


where gpx-in-file must be a valid GPX file; input-file-name is your existing Streets & Trips, AutoRoute or MapPoint file; and output-file-name is the new Streets & Trips, AutoRoute or MapPoint file. GPS routes and tracks will be drawn as blue poly-lines,


So the command line in ST2GPX would be


st2gpx   -g testtrack.gpx  -F testtrack2.est testtrack.est

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Would I be better off with the FR301? Perhaps I should throw in the flag and call it quits. Too bad Microsoft doesn't put out a gadget that does what 201 does-yet.

301 gives you heart rate monitoring and USB instead of serial. Most of the issues you're going to face are the same with either one. My point was more that the command line given wouldn't quite work for you.


This programm could also be handy.

It could be, but the doc says it (like GPSBabel) doesn't write .est files and it doesn't attempt GPS communications, so it's not clear which half of that equation it could help with.


st2gpx very likely works fine with spaces in the pathname if they're quoted properly, though I won't testify that I've tried it.

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