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Newb Question About Mapping Software

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City Select and City Navigator have the same map data, but they are divided up differently. CS has lots of map "tiles" to select from that run about 1MB each. You can fine-tune the area you want to load onto your GPSr. CN map tiles are much larger (30MB or so). That makes selecting a large area quicker, and is great if you have a GPSr with tons of memory, but bad if your GPSr only holds 24MB or 56MB.


Not sure about Metroguide Canada, but most current Metroguide maps do not have "autorouting" data. If your GPSr autoroutes (calculates turn-by-turn directions from your current location to a specified point), then you should stick with City Select.

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What's the difference between the 2? On the Garmin website the descriptions are almost identical except for the "premium" maps on City Navigator. What is a "premium" map? Also, is Metroguide Canada basically a Canuck only version of City Select? Thanks in advance.


In Version 7 (the latest version available in the US/Canada), Cith Select and City Nav are basically identical as far as map data goes. The major difference is CN uses map segments that are reoughly the size of a single state. In City Select, the segments are much smaller. So, if you have expandable memory and have a large card, City Nav is a better choice. If you have a fixed memory unit such as the non X models, then City Select is the better choice.


AFAIK, Metroguide Canada, just like Metroguide US will NOT route on the GPS unit, just on the computer. If you want routing you need City Select North America or City Navigator North America.

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The next release for vehicle navigators using City Select will be City Navigator. Currently vehicle navigators using City Select NT which like City Navigator is segmented by entire states. This leaves me to wonder, will City Select be researved for handhelds segmented for smaller areas, while Navigator reserved for the vehicle navigators?

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