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Caches Waiting To Be Reviewed


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Can you check the list of caches waiting to be reviewed anywhere? People have mentioned it on the forums but I don't know where it is. I am waiting for my cache to be reviewed, and that's why I want to know.


Are you just wondering how much longer you'll have to wait? (kinda a "where is my cache in the queue?") If so, you can try a politely worded request to the local reviewer, clarifying that you know they are busy and you aren't trying to be pushy, but that you wanted to check if there was anything they needed from you to speed up the process, etc etc. (I'm trusting it's been more than 3 days since that's the estimated wait-time). Sometimes they are out of town, sometimes they are sick, sometimes they just had to work ten 16-hour shifts in a row... and sometimes they are concerned because your cache is plotting in a space that doesn't seem to match with the cache page. The last one you can fix, if you know about it. And, if at least you know why the wait, then for me at least that's enough.

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