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Add To Cache Page?


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At the bottom of each and every cache is the following:


Logged Visits (## total. )


This shows on all caches pages, whether they are printed with or without log entires.

If I print a cache page without the log entries, then no "Last Found" date is available.

It is my belief that this little tidbit of information might be of value when out on the hunt.


My suggestion is this:


Logged Visits (7 total. ) - Last Found: ##/##/##




Last Found: ##/##/## - Logged Visits (7 total. )

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I agree. Only I'd not use only the last found log. Really what you're looking for the last time the cache has been confirmed in place. "Found It" logs are a good indication, but so are some maintenance logs and some notes. This would allow an owner or a previous finder to check on a cache and update the date.


An additional check box while logging to confirm the cache is in place is really what we need--automatically set for a "Found It" log.


Or course, this information should be included in teh GPX files, as well.

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Check out this recent thread. While it doesn't address when it was LAST found, it does put stats of how MANY finds, etc.


If that were implemented, then the date last found shouldn't be too difficult either.


But if you've got all 5 of the most recent logs, I would think the date of last find would be in the last five. If not, then I probably wouldn't bother searching for the cache without doing some more research anyway...

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