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Attraction Of Geocaching

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Someone hid somthing, and it was out there to be found...


That's kind of strange. :P


...I was just wondering what attracted everyone else to geocaching. What attracted you in the first place and what keeps you going?


This log and this one explain, perhaps, how geocaching was attracted to me, not the contrary. You see, I was just out in the woods one day and geocaching fell into my lap (seriously).


Why do I still geocache? The name of my very first find sums it up: Are You up to the challange? :P:P

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What attracted me originally:


"Wow! There are all these treasures hidden in the parks I like to visit, and I never knew they were there! Now that I am clued in on this cool secret, I HAVE TO GO FIND THEM."


"Cool! Something that I can do outdoors with my daughter!"


What keeps me going:


-- Exploring new places I never knew about before.

-- Meeting new people with similar interests.

-- Giving back to the sport by hiding caches and volunteering my time.

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