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Magellan Explorist 600 Issues

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Hey all,

I bought a Megallan Explorist 600 just recently and received it with a few problems. It has a super bright spot at the bottom of the screen with a slightly darker spot above that, and then lighter again at the very top. Then on the map screen, the mile marker that shows the scale, doesn't show the left edge marker, like the screen is shifted over one pixel. The joystick is also a bit sluggish. So.... I sent it back to Magellan and they "repaired" it free, but it is the same unit (as far as I can tell, same problems, and the detailed map I had before, which was linked to the previous serial number, still works), and with absolutely no fixes at all!!!


I was wondering, what do you all think about Magellan service? Do you think I should send it back? My other question is whether or not anyone else out there has any of these same problems with their Ex600's or perhaps Ex500's? The bright spot is very annoying, and I am planning on complaining, but I'd like to know if perhaps they had a major manufacturing error in all their units.


Any advice/help/support/comments would be greatly appreciated!



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the eXplorists seem to be assembled out of a mix bag of different parts. I've found that about 50% of the LCD screens are brighter with a crisp bluish tint, while the others have a brownish and dimmer screen. The behavior of the joystick is also very individualistic as well. When I initially purchased my e500, the joystick felt really gummy and stiff and didn't feel as if it clicked in 3 of the 8 directions although the cursor did respond to that direction. Feeling kinda picky, I exchanged it for another one, citing the joystick problem as a manufacturing defect.


My new one had a nearly perfect joystick, clicking solidly and easily into 7 of the 8 directions, but the screen seemed dimmer and a little blurrier than the one I had returned. I went back to the store and repurchased my old one to compare and the difference between the LCD screens was definitely noticeable.


I then dismantled the devices and played a little Dr. Frankenstein to end up with the perfect e500 hybrid of the two. I returned the doubly imperfect one and claimed that it was defective as well.


anyway, does this make me a bad person?

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Thanks for the information. It's very helpful. If I can't get through to Magellan again about them simply replacing it, I may try to return it; I bought it from Newegg a few months ago, so I'm not sure that's possible.



Thanks also for letting me know you didn't have any problems. That lets me know that some are good, and that the problems may just be manufacturing defects.


Thanks! Anyone else with experiences with the Ex600 are welcome to chime in!!


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