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I Wonder Why Vista Cx Does Not User Sirf?

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I really like the size of the Etrex. I wonder why they left it out on the Etrex X series? Is the reception of the Vista cx the same as the Vista c? I had the original BW vista and it was useless under canopy etc.
Probably sl Garmin can annouince a SuperVista CSX in late summer. No reason to shoot all the ammo on the first release, plus they get to keep the engineers busy on the next eTrex series while the 60 is being field tested. No inside info, just my best guess.
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I would guess it's either one of two things.


Either garmin was in a hurry to get the memory card units out because they were loosing market share to companies that had that feature, or they are doing it so they already can have a new model to release in X months with little or no real R&D costs. It is interesting though that they released the 60/76 series with the chip but not the etrex units, you'd think if it was a based on being in a hurry or based on wanting to have new product later, they would have been consistant. It could be they plan on keeping the 60/76 around for awhile so they put the effort into that with the chip and memory card, and they are already working on something totally new for the etrex line so they just added the memory card capability to get some extra sales in the mean time.


Either way though, you can bet they are going to sell a lot of etrex "x" units and they will sell just as many more when they update the chip. Most people probably don't care, in fact I've already seen sales people that don't know that the new etrex units don't have the new chips.


Perhaps a third may be that they are working on a new etrex replacement model and didn't want to put the extra $ into getting the new chips into the units. Fourth...maybe there was some problem implimenting them in the etrex and they didn't want to put the money into fixing it. Fifth.....who knows only garmin and they ain't going to say <_<


I thought it might be size, but it's not, the new forerunner units use the new chips, and that's a wrist watch.

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Why would you pony up the extra $$$ for a 60Cx if the LegendCx had a SiRF III chip? As I recall from my college days, its called product stratification.


Yep. They put different and more features up the line. You want the Sirf, you need to get a 60C(S)x or a 76C(s)x. If you just want a Garmin receiver with expandable memory, then the Vista Cx and the Legend Cx is what you want.

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Is the reception of the Vista cx the same as the Vista c? I had the original BW vista and it was useless under canopy etc.


I have no reason to believe that the recepion would be significantly different. The Vista C did have excellent reception when I compared it to several other units.


BTW, thousands of people use the old BW Vista under a heavy tree canopy without a problem. You either had a defective unit or were using it wrong

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