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"homemade" Reference Mark

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Found this "Ref To Tri Station Lois No 2" up on top of a local peak this weekend. Been up there before (DX5124), but didn't see this "Reference Mark" last time, and it is not documented on the NGS datasheet:


Wish I could trot back up there and document it better as a reference mark to submit to NGS. Unfortunately, that is a real tough hike (for me), about 7.1 miles, and over 3,500 feet of climbing, up to 8,846 feet. I cannot even imagine trying to tape the distance from this RM to the station. It takes some serious athletics to even reach the side of the boulder that the RM is on (see some of the other pics).


Question1: as it is not even mentioned on the datasheet, is it worth another "recovery" to the NGS to add it to the datasheet? I have consumer grade position I feel is within maybe 20 feet, and a decent verbal desription, but no acurate direction or distance, like a proper RM should have.


Question2: If this is a self declared "Tri Station", shouldn't it have more RM's? And maybe an Azimuth mark? Doesn't a Triangulation Station imply at least three references (even if is only Third Order)? or I guess at least two other ones, besides itself? The box score shows GUES (DX5177) 4.7 Km away, but doesn't really call it an azimuth mark?


BTW: Anyone know what the Harriman Index No is?

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An interesting question. I suppose that you could always write to the NGS and ask. Or if you want to take the chance, you could always submit a Recovery for the Station, and add a note about the "Ref to" Mark. Be sure to give a full Description for it, including distances, etc. I would guess that someone will have to jump across that gap with one end of a tape measure; glad it isn't me!


BTW: I would suspect that the Ref isn't on the datasheet because the Corps probably never reported it. It never fails to amaze me how many BMs I find that have Witness Posts which are not mentioned in the datasheet! I have to assume that whoever planted the thing forgot to mention the WP. One of the fun, but also frustrating, aspects of this game is the fact that different people have different ways of describing things, and different priority lists. Where one Description is precise down to millimeters, another is vague almost to the point of uselessness. But both were acceptable when logged.



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