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Peek-a-Boo has been languishing in the cache Seekoeirivier since July of 2005. There have been several cachers that have logged the cache, but no one mentions one way or the other if the bug is still there.


I've contacted three local finders (two of which had found the cache after the bug was placed), but I figured I'd also try to get the word out in general. Does anyone have any insight on this cache that I can't see from the cache page? Is it particularly secluded and prone to infrequent visits?


If the bug is still there, I don't want to mark it as missing, but likewise, if it's not there, I want to get it out of the cache.


HELP! :o

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Funny you should ask. I spent the weekend in PE, and was asked to retreive the TB by Perdix.

However, the logs show the TB was taken in August 2005, by a group called "Jollys". There is no corresponding log on the cache site, and no contact details in the log.

It sadly seems that they are either geomuggles, or some very fiendish geocachers.

Either way, i think that Peek-a-boo should be marked as dead ;)


Any PE locals ever heard of the Jollys?

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I am the cache owner - unfortunately I never noticed the drop of this TB in my cache. The last time I visited the cache (in December) there were no TB's inside. I did not read through the logbook so that's why I couldn't comment. What I do know, is that this cache is not in a place where place where many people go and then it is also not right next to the normal footpath, so I doubt if someone actually stumbled on it by accident - It must have been someone who got the directions to it from the Groundspeak site and actually went through the trouble of decrypting the clue. Hopefully this guy one day relise that a TB is not actually something you can just keep for yourself.


This is particularly bad for me as it is the second TB that has gone missing from one of my hides. :)

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Again - thanks for the concern, but I was just trying to mark it as missing if it is indeed missing.


See my post in the Travel Bug forum:


The other suggestion is to just let it go. (sigh)


Many travel bugs are going to be picked up in the near future by the 10,000 new accounts that have been set up by Christmas, and then the TB will languish in someone's glove compartment or be moved to a new cache that will never get listed because it's in a National Park. smiley-org-sigh.gif


So, the best thing is to not get too tied up and involved in the bugs you've released to the wild.


Of the 24 bugs I've released so far, 3 are "dead" and listed as missing. One of them, Milo, went missing after passing through only 4 cachers and only being active for about 4 months. :laughing:


So I've learned not to get so wrapped up in my bugs. If they move, GREAT. If they move TOWARD their goal - EVEN BETTER. But, I've just gotten to the point of releasing them and waiting to see what happens.


If they don't move for 6 months or so, I'll contact the person that grabbed it and see if I can prod them on. That has been successful twice. Once they didn't move it on because of a death in the family and other illnesses. Then I felt bad nagging them about something as trivial as a Travel Bug. :)


I've still got more bugs in my drawer at home waiting for the proper attached character and motivation. B)

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I placed Peek-a-Boo in Seekoei Rivier cache, after hanging on to him for quite a while, and taking him to far flung places. I was very sad to see that he is gone - if only I could have found GC5CC5, then he might still be with us today - mind you - I note that cache is also gone.


I have no idea who the Jollys might be, but I have to share I&J's view that this cache would not be stumbled upon by muggles.


I was encouraged when I read the recent logs of a newbie (Suurkop cache & Domkrag Dam), where he / she saw the bugs, but left them because he / she did not know what to do with them. If only all (new) cachers would have this attitude.


I suspect Peek-a-Boo is in some kids toy chest somewhere, can only hope that the Jollys will visit the website again and take note.


At least the powers that be, have now restricted non members from getting cache co-ords, so that should limit this kind of thing in the future.


I would like to think that P-a-B last few trips with me were enjoyed by him, as it seems they were his last :)

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