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To the military, civilian contractors and relief aid workers who find themselves heading for The Stans, bring your GPS. Yes, during Operation Enduring Freedom there is time to Geocache. "Combat is endless hours of mind-numbing boredom interspersed with seconds of exhilarating terror." Afghanistan has 12 caches. Tajikistan, Kygzystan, and Uzbekistan all have geocaches tucked away. Afghanistan is the one area you must be concerned with as well as Iraq. Yes there are still killers wandering around the eastern border and occasionally some guy gets paid by the Taliban to shoot a rocket at Kabul. Overall its pretty tame around the bases. The people are truly friendly and welcome the Coalition presense to help bring them into the 21st century. Safety for geocaching there is due to the caches being on the bases. Currently there are 4 bases that have Caches hidden. Bagram AB and Camp Phoenix near Kabul, Kandahar and Salerno near Khost. Remember some important rules about Geocaching on these bases. When placing caches. Never use anything that resembles a bomb of any sort i.e.metal cylindrical containers or unmarked containers with Persian writing on them. Ammo cans are fine and plentiful. Never place caches around entry points or near airfields. Avoid minefields at all times and caches placed off base will be muggled (swiped) so quick you'll wonder if you even placed it there at all. The caches have some great items in them. Lots of Afghan souvenirs. So bring your GPS and hunt or place caches somewhere that very few have before.... The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. Good Huntin and See Ya There (sooner or later)

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