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Palm Pilot - Getting Started - Cachemate?


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I've read the other recent post on this and am a bit confused. I have a palm 5 something (I haven't used it since my company stopped allowing palm sync software) and want to be able to grab the info page for a way point. We are new to Geocaching and actually have found some of the log comments helpful.


Does cachemate provide a way for me to grab the cache description and the top X log comments?



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Also, I might add, you don't even need to do a hotsync. Just load the converted file onto a SD card (assuming the Tungsten 5 has one) and Cachemate will recognize it.


Now, I have a question for those who also are using Cachemate/GSAK: How can I sort the caches in the Cachemate database by location? I want to sort them according to proximity of my zip code, but I can't find a way to do it.

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GSAK will do that for you. You first enter your home coords (or any other you choose, I went out in my driveway and marked it as a waypoint.) That's under the "Center Point" tab in the tool bar.


In case I want to erase/overwrite the whole database, I made a separate database with just my "HOME" and all my own caches in it. Then I simply merge that one with my all-new baseline database for my home area, and it's all there.

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