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Wanted: Used Pda For Paperless Caching

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Does anyone have any PDA's they are looking to get rid of that would be good for paperless caching? I've seen a few go for $20.00 or less on ebay, but I have to admit I'm not that knowledgeable about PDA's and would hate to get one off ebay that could not be used for geocaching.




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Just an FYI, I bought My first Palm IIIxe off eBay, it was a knock off product that used the Palm PDS programs. It only lasted a little more then a month, before it bombed out. Also it was a battery hog!


I suggest going to a store and buying a unit from them. I purchased a color Palm Z22 for $89 from a office super store. it has a 32m of memory along with a lithium rechargeable battery, the one draw back is the screen is a little smaller. But so is the unit.

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I just got a Palm M105 off ebay for $10.00.

I think that was a pretty good deal. I figure even if it does not work for geocaching I can give it to my girlfriend for keeping track of her confused life.


Is there any software or other tips/advice that you can offer about using one of these?




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Check craigslist, I got a palm XIIIx for $40. If you dont see one right away, check again in a couple of days. I found the one I got in the third try. Good luck

For that price and a IIIx, the factory-refurb IIIx on Overstock.com for $36 is a better deal in my opinion. No dealing with auctions, private sellers, and the possibility of getting a unit that is too "used." Though I just bought a IIIxe for $10.50 on eBay. Like scottywentzky, I figured it was worth taking a chance. Hopefully my gamble will pay off next week when I get it. I'm not the type to buy something used.

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I got this one on ebay and it should arrive tomorrow:


Palm VIIx PDA, gently used, in Great condition, Software and instruction booklets, Hotsync Cradle, Portable keyboard with software and case, Leather case for PDA, and a CD-ROM: "PDA Power Training". Original box and packaging.


All that for $30.50 including shipping. Will this do OK for paperless caching?

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ive got a handspring that i want to sell and i will sell it for 40 if you want it. It cost me 350 new about 4 years ago and i havent used it for the last year. it will come with a hotsync charger/computer dock and it has games and a stylus and everything. you can write notes, have alarms, address books and everything else. email me @ sammysosa1991@aol.com if you are interested.

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