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What Is A Bug Drop?

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Hi everyone,


I was wondering what a bug drop is. The is a cache nearest to my house that I have tried to find twice and it hasn't been found in 3 months, despite many people trying to find it. Then I noticed that on December 15, someone put bug drop. I thought it was a travel bug, but it is listed as having no travel bugs in that cache. Then I thought I would email the owner, but upon looking at his stats, it looks like 7 out of his 10 hidden caches are archived. Another cache had bug drop listed on the same date from the same person. That got me thinking that maybe a note was sent to a reviewer to check the cache. The owner's last cache also has lots of sad blue frownies.


Any ideas?


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a bug drop is a virtual drop. if say i have a personal travel bug that i carry with me and have no intension on leaving somewhere, like a memorial, i would do a tb drop and place the bug on the cache page but not into the cache, then i would grab it out of that cache later it allows the TB to gain milage. i have one that i use in this manner but i only drop it in caches that i have found not ones that i havent been to or are lost. i hope that this was not to confusing. you may see tb drops on a micro, again it is only to log milage.


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Typically when someone posts a 'Bug Drop' they are logging the bug into the cache online after actually dropping the bug into the cache container. This is usually done when they have logged/found the cache before and are simply posting the drop.


I can only speculate as to why this occurred after the cache is apparently missing. If we could review the cache someone might have some insight, otherwise you might ask the person who did the drop.

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I've seen it a few times where the bug is going to a cache, but can't FIT in the cache itself. The people go there with the bug, but it doesn't stay in the cache.


They write logs like "Bug Drop" and then immediately log the bug out of the cache again.


It doesn't always have to do with archived caches either. I see TONS of those on my APE cache.

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Hi again,


Thanks for your help, the cache is Over the Meadow and Thru the Woods, GCHJ5Y.


I don't think this one is archived, just unfindable. It was bothering me that I couldn't find it after someone dropped a bug (I think I have also heard it as dipping) so I went back today, hoping that a little more experience under my belt would help. I walked in with intent, carrying a large flashlight as there are some stumps with holes in them around the area. I was sure I would find it. I looked everywhere, one time slipping and falling backside into something that smelled pretty foul. Nothing anywhere, so I went home, took a shower, started laundry and looked again at the log. I saw that someone with over 1200 finds hadn't been able to find it, so I didn't feel too bad.

After that, I checked on the owner's profile and noticed that he's not been too active and his caches are mostly archived. I thought it was strange that the person who put the bug drop in, also did a bug drop in the owner's other cache on the same day. (Maybe some he has found in the past.)

So, there you go, no luck with that one today, and got smelly to boot!




PS: is it unethical to drop a bug when the cache is missing? Just curious.

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