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How Do You Keep Them Arranged?


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I'm using the larger pages than AtlantaGal.... my pages hold 12. Then they're in same size coin flips from the coin shop.




They stay in there pretty well, and the flips allow the coins to be handled, which is why I didn't use the cardboard ones like AG.

How do you get the coin flips in the slot without messing it up and having it split?

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I have new flips I bought (not the little pocket things the coins come in), they fold like a man's billfold, with the pocket openings facing to the fold. Then they just slide right in. The newer pages I got ("Cowens" brand) are a wee bit tighter than the "Supersafe" brand, and hold the flip better. They are tighter so they may split but they definitely hold the flip more securely.



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