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Has the site overall changed it's cookie settings? All of the sudden I'm finding that I'm having to constantly log in to the site, especially if I'm being linked to it from elsewhere.


What's strange is that if I'm viewing "My Account", then "View cache detials" from GSAK, a new tab opens in Firefox (which is the way I have it set) I have to log in again to view the cache details.


I've gone through and blown out first Groundspeak/geocaching.com cookies, then all my cookies, and then finally all cookies/history/cache/etc. Same thing happens.


More irritating than anything else, but I did notice one of the session.ID cookies is set to expire at end of session - I didn't tell it to do that.

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Firefox has a setting that will automatically remove cookies on shut-down. Do you have that turned on?



Nope. Double-checked that first before my original posting just to make sure. It's set "until they expire."


Here's soemthing new: Went to "forums" from gc.com, had to log in, which then presented me with the "Enter the forums" page. Clicked that, and I was on the forums as a guest. Had to log in *again* before viewing this forum and thread.


I don't have third-party cookies selected in Firefox, which is moot anyways; I have my firewall universally set not to allow 3rd party cookies, web bugs, or private headers.


If the latter (3rd party, web bugs, private headers) is the problem, then my question is: Why is it a problem? If one of them is a problem, which one? I suppose I could make an exception, but I'd rather know why they're being used first.


I'll switch over to my RHEL box in a bit and see if I can tell whats-fer from there.

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