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The Grand Experiment - Geocoin Giveaway

Go JayBee
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I'm relatively new to the whole scene, and the geocoins do intrigue me. Could someone paint a picture for me of what this activity described in this thread is about, so that I don't have to sort through 14 pages to try to figure it out on my own?


The first few posts outline it pretty well, but here's the super-short version... you need 6 geocoins to play. You send 3 activated coins to one volunteer who will place them in caches. You then send an unactivated coin to 3 different cachers (one each) who can decide individually whether to keep or place them in caches as well. That's pretty much it. It's just a mass effort to put coins into caches for everyone to enjoy. :rolleyes:

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Lets see.... I have a placer for my 3 activated coins, Thanks 6 feet more!


I will be sending an unactivated to fossillady and surteb. I'm waiting for an address on the other.


I can be either a placer or receipiant for anyone that wants to play!!



All 6 coins are now spoken for! Toojin & Bart get the last coin. Thanks much everyone.


All 6 coins went out in the mail today....I'm still available to place or receive!!


If anyone does get this going again I am still available to place or receive....never did get to do either. ;)


PM me your snailmail and you'll be my official placer :P 3 trackable coins on the way!


Thanks fox-and-the-hound!! Sent ya a message, we will be happy to do the deed for you.


Putting it together tonight :D


p.s. Thanks JayBee!


Got the 3 coins form fox-and-the-hound today, will get those placed soon! If others want to join this game I can still be a receiver (makes me sound like a football player ;) )


I see they've started! Thanks for the help :D

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