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Okay, So I'm Confused...

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Here's the deal... My family loved searching out interesting virtual caches to find while we were on vacation. Usually they took us to interesting, out-of-the-way places. (We also enjoy finding regular caches, too, by the way!)


The virtual caches that we found were all different... some were interesting rock formations... some were historical markers... some were interesting items... Very few of them were in the same category, yet they were all interesting.


We're going on vacation in a month, taking I65 from Michigan to Florida, and it's my job to come up with some interesting places to visit.


Have I completely missed a map by state section? (I don't need to know all the virtuals in Tennessee, only the ones close to I65.)


Do I have to wade through the pages of McDonalds restaurants that offer wireless internet?


Can someone help me out? The more I try to find something interesting, the more discouraged I get.




Melissa from Cachin' Kidlets

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