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Lock N Locks $10 Off


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I just ordered some L&Ls from the shopping channel:




20 big containers for $30 ship and tax included after I used this coupon code:


Save $10 off all orders with code, F020106.

Exp: 02/01/06


Note: You can only use this code through phone orders.



20 Piece Lock and Lock Square Storage Set. Seal it without a worry with this phenomenal Airtight Seal made of pharmaceutical silicone. These innovative, space saving pieces are stackable and easy to open and close. Tolerance between -30C and 125C.



• 2 (420ml) Square Tall with Lids

• 2 (680ml) Square Tall with Lids

• 2 (2.6L) Square Tall with Lids

• 2 (4L) Square Tall with Lids

• 2 (1.2L) Square Tall with Lids

• 1 year limited warranty (warranty certificate included)


Call 1 888 2020 888 and quote ITEM: 345-343

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Definitely a great deal!


It sure would be nice to see more decent containers used for caches. I'm just plumb tired of finding leaky margarine/ice cream/peanut butter/sour cream containers. The "dollar store" containers like Era-Seal are pretty much useless for keeping the moisture away as well.


I can't figure a cacher who spends time, energy, and money to put together a decent cache, then throws everything into a container that will leak, rot, crack, or otherwise not stand up to more than a few weeks (days?) of life in the wild.


Lock and Lock are great. Most Rubbermaid is good. Real Tupperware is great (but brain-jarringly expensive). Here's one way to test your container. Fill it with water. Put the lid on. Go stand next to your mother-in-law. Hold your container over her head and shake vigorously (the container, not your mother-in-law). Wet head? Mad mother-in-law? Toss the container!


Can't afford anything better than a margarine container? Come on! You spent the dough for your GPS remember? Still can't shell out 3 or 4 bucks? Raid your wet mother-in-law's kitchen!

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Costco on Grandview Hwy in Vancouver has a 23 piece set of Lock & Locks for $20.

Round 1 x 100ml, 1 x 300ml, 1 x 600 ml;

Rect 2 x 350ml, 1 x 1L, 1 x 2.3 L;

Square 1 x 600ml, 1 x 860 ml.

+ 9 lids + dividers to make up 23 pieces

There is a $4 discount on the 23 piece set this week at Costco.

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