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Can someone give me some instructions how to download from GSAK to my new GPSMAP60? I plugged it (GPSr) into the USB I normally use with my camera- computer said found new hardware and I cancelled the Wizard. I set up GSAK to Garmin and USB but when I try to send the waypoints to the GPSr I get an Error message- can't connect- is the unit on?

The GPS says it is connected so what am I doing wrong? Is there something I need to do to the GPSr before sending the waypoints?

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Did you install the software that came with the GPS? That contains the drivers necessary to recognize the unit. I don't have the same unit as you, I have a Vista C, but I had to do that before mine would show up. Also, make sure you computer completely detects it and installs any necessary software for it when you plug it in. Also, you probably already checked, but the unit must be on.

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I plugged it (GPSr) into the USB I normally use with my camera- computer said found new hardware and I cancelled the Wizard.

Why cancel the wizard? This was the process that would've installed the Garmin USB drivers needed for the PC to recognize the GPSr. I would restart the machine, then turn the GPSr on and reconnect it via the USB cable. When the Found New Hardware wizard comes up to install the drivers, it'll want you to insert the disk (probably Garmin Trip & Waypoint Manager) that came with the unit. Let it do its thing and you should be good to go.

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Thanks- I feel like a duface...I didn't know the cd rom that came with had drivers on it. My bad. Thanks again, I will restart and do it.

--Yes, it works perfectly now that I installed the CDRom. So easy to download rather than poking coords in one at a time!

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I was following the "Quick Start" guide after installing the batteries- I couldn't find the power button. After it powered up and found satts- really quick too- I entered a new waypoint using the "Mark" button and figured out how to edit the coords- a much better system than my Explorist 200 (rocker switch)

And then I turned to the "Geocache" section of the manual- I was ready. The manual only has limited info and directs you to their web page- which also has nothing about installing the GPSr to the Computer and installing the drivers...I think I saved a little face but I would like to see them Give Us Way better instructions on how to hook up the GPSr to the computer! There is nothing there...Thanks for the link.

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