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Magellan 3d Topo Software Problem


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I just purchased the Magellan 3D Topo sofware to go with my Gold GPS unit. I've had a hell of a time getting this program installed on my newer Dell Latitude D600 laptop. After 5 tries I finally got it all installed. (It kept stopping in the middle of disk 2 saying it can't recognize it.)


However, now it will not work. I go to run the program and it asked me to put disk #3 in. I do but it does not recognize it.


From what I've been able to read on other posts this is a software problem with Magellan. In their zest for anti-piracy control they messes up something on disk #3.


Question: Has anyone else had this issue? If so, how did you go about resolving it? Do I take the disks back to where I purchased them from or do I contact Magellan direct? (I tried them but they seem to be closed for the hollidays? The 1-800 number does no work? )

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I just purchased the Magellan as well. I had a problem loading disk #1 of the topo. I went back to Cosco where I purchased it and got a new package. The disk on this one is defective too, second copy. I contacted Magellan from their number online at Magellan.com and they sent me to Tech support gave me a # for tracking and asked me to Fax my copy of the receipt for the software and told me they would send me another one. Apparently theyre having problems with a batch of CDs they sent out. Hope this helps.

Furbrat :rolleyes:

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Thales is having a terrible time with disk 3 not working properly. They will replace your software at no charge, but often the replacement has the same problem. It's shameful....


I would post the fix to your software here, but I don't want to get flamed for providing a hack (even though it's really a fix).


If you are comfortable with using a hex editor, feel free to contact me for details.

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I've had a support ticket for the problem with Disk 3 open with Magellan for several weeks now. Although not actually limited to WinXP SP2, the problem is exactly as described on this hard-to-find-page of Magellan's web site. From there, you can see there's no patch available for Topo 3D USA.


After much oversimplistic troubleshooting confirmed the problem was Magellan's, according to their Tech Support, a bunch of "bad CDs" got released, and they're working to stop the flow. However, I'm still waiting for a solution.


As a newcomer to GPS's (but a techie with a lot of miles on 'im), I'm really disappointed (to be polite) that a company like Magellan / Thales would choose such a stupid and fragile copy-protection scheme for their products. Had I not been needing a GPS on such short notice and had I seen beforehand the kinds of problems owners have been reporting with the software, I likely would have chosen a GPS from some other mfr.


OTOH, now that I've had and used my eX600, I must say I've had no hardware issues and don't regret having the features provided. It's just that their inadequate Customer Support (over an hour on hold without reaching a support rep, one or two emails a day once a support rep responds (a day or more following emailed support requests)) and general corporate attitude toward owners of their products is unacceptable.

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I don't beleive the problem has anything to do with Window Service Packs. I tried to install it on two different computers, one with the SP2 and the other without it. I have the same problem with both; it will not recognize disk #3.


I'm also new to this GPS thing. I'm quite supprised that Magellan, knowing they have a big problem, does not post something on their website? I could find nothing about this. What are they trying to hide? It's like they want the consumer to alert them instead of taking a pro-active approach. Why not pull all these disks off the shelves BEFORE people purchase them and have to go through the effort of getting replacemnt disks? Given the highly competative market of GPS, you would think they would be all over this issue.


My Magellan GPS works great! I sure hope this issue is not a sign of things to come with Magellan.

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