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You did not specify which tomtom product you are interested in, here is link to TomTom Go forum

Of course you already have visited TomTom web site.

I use PPC version (TomTom5) connected with wire to my etrex and I'm happy with it.

My friend has the same software and he is using bluetooth gps, that combination works fine too.

Something I'm missing is ability to add waypoints directly by entering coordinates, that would be handy on long-legged multis.

I'm converting caches to TomTom POI format with GSAK, works like a dream, but there are also other tools to convert from .gpx or text file.

Any autorouting program is just as good as the map data is and all the maps are more or less out of date.

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someone I know has the tomtom700 unit for the car. the road directions are excellent. but it would not be good for geocaching. its main purpose from how its built is for driving directions. the voice is very nice also. he has the sd unit with out the harddrive and has a 3 or 4 state radius for 512 card.


just my 2 cents

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I just got Tomtom Navigator 5 for my Treo and I love it. It is the best handheld street routing solution that I have tried-- I don't use it to get to the actual cache, though... once I've parked, I switch to CacheMate/CacheNav get me to the final coords. Don't know what kind of problems other users are experiencing, but mine works better than I thought it would. I'm really impressed by it :( .

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