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  1. hahaha thats funny pretty much that is what i do now, i used to be white now im black lol
  2. A used Garmin Colorado. i was looking for a cheaper way than buying a new gps, i was just hoping there would be a back door to save a but loud of money lol
  3. Hi everyone, i am looking for a cheap way to go paperless. I was wondering if anyone has a free or really cheap solution. Thanks for looking Livestrong!
  4. If you like the person 5-10 feet, if you dont like them 10-15
  5. Go to your local plumbing supply house and get a brass nipple or even some pvc pipe with two caps. You get it as small as you want it and it stays dry!
  6. LiveStrong


    What is project APF? cant find much info on it. Thanks
  7. Hi I was wondering what is the best way to start looking for benchmarks. Can you create a PQ for them? Can you view them all at once on a map; as you can for caches? I really just want to know the best way to go and look for them. Thanks.
  8. Hi I was just wondering if you can make a pocket querie for benchmarks. Thanks
  9. Hi, i been looking to buy a unit for my car and i have been seeing a lot about the Tom Tom but i dont know if it is any good. If anyone has any information on it please leave a comment. Thanks.
  10. Sorry, i do have a GPS a mearidan gold and also i have the mapsend i think it is. i know it is the right one for the gps. So is there anyway i can do it with these items.
  11. Hi, I was wondering if there was a way I could hook up my laptop to my gps to make a street atlas to show where I am instead of buying a whole new unit. I know I can by an external antenna but I don’t really want to spend any more money if I don’t have to.
  12. Hello, I found the perfect place to place a cache but there is nothing special about the area. I dont want to place it because of that reason. If anyone wants to respond and tell me what they will do please do. LiveStrong
  13. I think it is a great idea, but it will be on the bigger side. Go for it what do you have to lose. LiveStrong
  14. LiveStrong


    I use to use the hint almost everytime i went out, but now i dont like to look at it unless i am totaly stumped. Not looking at the hint is more fun for me in the long run.
  15. Ok i have done it now and i dont know what i did right so if someone wants to write back you still can thanks.
  16. I cant figure out how to upload a picture for the Forum and not my profile. If anyone knows write something please
  17. Thats true to, never thought of that concept.
  18. "Do not put food in a cache! Critters have better noses than we do, and will bite, nibble or swallow your cache in an attempt to get to the goodies. Bottled water is a good alternative (and refreshing to geocachers)." http://www.geocaching.com/about/hiding.aspx No food but bottled water is good! Happy Caching
  19. http://www.geocaching.com/articles/stashnote.doc or http://www.geocaching.com/articles/stashnote.txt Just make sure you read the guidelines before hidding a cache. Have Fun.
  20. Hey, don't worry my first couple of time out there was not fun at all. After you find a couple geocaching becomes a lot more easier. Keep at it, it is a lot of fun.
  21. Thank you for all you help everyone it worked great, and i dont have mapsource i have mapsend i dont think it is the same one.
  22. Hi, I just started to use Pocket Queries and i have a problem. I cant figure out how to take the queries and put them as waypoints in my mapsend topo US.4.20 software. I tried everything and i need help sad.gif. when ever i try to upload the waypoints it says file is corrupted or it is not mapsend software. Do i have to put it in a diffrent format? The only way i know how to do it is by uploading into the gps, then into the software but it is such a pain. If anyone knows anything please post.
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