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Garmin 60c Question

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I've just purchased one of these from amazon.com, by the way I purchased it last night for $250.00 but today its up to $329.00 still cheaper than most places.

My question is garmin has 2 different scenery updates one is called city select north america and the other is city navigator north america. I cant figure out what the difference is between these 2 could somebody please shed some light on this subject for me. At over $100.00 a piece I'd hate to buy the wrong one.



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The short answer is: get CitySelect-NA. For the long answer see the recent thread on this subject in the GPS Units & Software section. [The most significant difference between the current versions of these is that CityNavigator has much larger regions which is a problem for units with limited memory, like the 60c.]

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You want City Select. The map data and points of interest are about the same, but City Navigator is really made for their automotive units.


The map data comes in "chunks." Actually, these are little map grids that contain maps, points of interest, and autorouting data. In heavily populated areas, the grid size is small, because the data is dense. In rural areas, the grids are larger.


City Select grids are about 1MB each, so you can load a string of grids along I-10 from New Orleans to El Paso, for example. In City Navigator, the grids are much larger, so you can't fine-tune the area you want to load. You may waste room loading data for a region that you don't plan to travel in. That's fine in their automotive units, which have tons of memory, but a pain in the 60C where you are limited to 56MB.


This is way more than you wanted to know, but there you are. City Select is the way to go.


By the way, you may want to check out the FAQ linked in my sig line. Lots of good advice from these forums is distilled there.

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Yeah, I got that same deal at Amazon, then saw the new price.


We could resell on ebay and make $$! How cool is that?


I ordered the Auto kit from Amazon, that has a few auto mounts and comes with the City Select. From what I see, City Select is better for our limited memory applications because of the smaller map segments. I believe v7 of City Select will be the last, but you will be allowed to upgrade to City Navigator from City Select later, and the newer versions of City Navigator will likely go back to smaller map chunks.


Good luck.

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