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Gps Modernization, How Will It Affect Us?

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I have heard of some changes that are being made over the years to upgrade the GPS satelites and signals.


Apparantley some changes will be made to civillian signal currently being sent and over time additional civillian signals will be sent.


Any one have good info on this?


Here are some articles I found on the internet:


If you can sift through the math this article has some good info.




Here is another article:




And another:




If you have PowerPoint you can view this:



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The Galileo system has been on the work for quite some time and has been cover in some past threads. By the time it is up and running my guess is that a large number of curren GPS users would be in the market for a new GPS anyway.


From the article

It is based on the same technology as GPS and provides a similar - and possibly higher - degree of precision



possibly higher, This does not mean it will offer a higher degree of precision

And with the upgrade of the current GPS system my guess is that Galileo will not offer any more.


In some past articles re Galileo part of the plan for the EU was to charge a user fee for access in order to offset the cost of system.


Edit ti add:

most geocachers are not going to run out and buy new GPSrs. Plus then figure in the number of caches already hidden. They with have been hidden with NON Galileo GPSrs, so the Galileo based GPSrs will not make it any easier to find them.

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