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Quick I-80 Western Ne Area Caches?


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I will be traveling to Colorado Springs, CO from Gretna, NE between Christmas and New Years to visist my in-laws and would love to grab a couple of caches on the trip. I have done some looking on the maps and it looks like Kearney would be a good place to make a quick grab (I am open to other suggestions as well since I will officially be stopping when my daugher decides she is hungry). My biggest issues will be speed & winter accessibility. I will be traveling with my wife and 6 month old daughter so I won't have lots of time (10-15 minutes while she eats) and don't want to be stumped by a cache completely under snow either.


I would appreciate some quick suggestions from any locals along I-80 in western Nebraska ;) Thanks!


PS - regular caches are my favorites but micros are cool too!

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Thanks to those who helped me out on this.


If anyone is travelling the I-80 & I-76 route from say York, NE to Denver, CO and back and would like a short list of caches with very easy access along the way just let me know and I will give you the list I came up with.

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