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Creating Waymark Page

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Is the create waymark page like a cache page, as in if you un-check the "active waymark" box it will remain invisible untill the page is ready?


I have a waymark I'd like to submit, and was going to fill in the page with what I knew, and then fill in the rest after actually going to the site to get coords and info.

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Airmapper -


It depends. :P


(I don't know about cache pages, but I do know about a waymark category.)


1. If the category's requirements for establishing a waymark doesn't require the information you're going back to get, then the whole question is moot.


2. If you will be falling short of the category's requrements, then either:

a. The category manager will reject your waymark right away

b. the category manager will tolerate the constant reminders of a waymark waiting in limbo for approval/disapproval for an unknown (?) reason.


I assume you are talking about #2, in which case 2a will happen unless you send some email begging for a limbo state for some particular reason in which case the category manager might ask why not just wait until the requirements are met.


The unfair aspect of 2b is that somone else, unbeknownst to both you and the category manager might be planning to go to the site and waymark first and the question is why should you have 'dibs' over that?

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Well I have two waymarks I want to create. One is a pipe and cap BM for the category I think you have. And a library. I was wanting to do it like a cache page, and get a listing, but to keep it on hold, or invisible to everyone but me, until it is fully ready.


Until I know for sure my incomplete listing won't be sent to the category manager, I'll just make sure I have all my info before starting on the page.

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Airmapper -


I have experimented with the category I manage (Recovered US Benchmarks).


First, I edited the waymark that I made and unchecked the "currently active" box at the bottom.

I found then, that the waymark had disappeared from the listing of benchmarks and the count of them as well, but its 2 pictures were still in the gallery.

I found that I could 'get to' the waymark by clicking on "MY PAGE" in the top left corner of any Waymarking page.

I can edit and edit and if I don't re-check the box, the waymark will not be listed in the category's page, but I will be able to see the results of my edits.


A problem for your purposes is that between the time


Next I made a new waymark in the category.

I unchecked the "currently active" box, filled out some stuff and submitted the waymark.

As category manager I declined the waymark.

I re-edited the waymark and clicked on "update".

As category manager I got a "Re-submission" email on the waymark.

In the declined mode, every edit results in an email to the category manger.

As category manger, I opened the email and this time Accepted the waymark.

I got an email saying the waymark had been accepted.

I could not find the waymark in the category directory (because I had unchecked the "currently active" box).

I could 'get to' the waymark from the "MY PAGE" listing of "My Waymarks".

When I would edit the Accepted waymark, as category manager, I would not get an email that the waymark had been edited.


So, if you can get the category manager to accept a waymark that has the "currently active" box unchecked (probably he/she won't even notice) then you can do all the editing you want and only you and the category manager (maybe just the one time) can see the waymark.


You can try this with the Recovered US Benchmarks if you like.

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Note that a disabled "draft" waymark page still shows up as "pending" for the category manager. I've had two draft submissions waiting around for months in one of my categories, so it *always* says that there is a waymark waiting for me to look at.


This is annoying.

If its been months, deny them pending completion. They can still access it if they wish to finish it.

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