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Cachemaps V4 Available


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CacheMaps v4 gives you mapping facilities for your loc-files.

Where the previous version of CacheMaps was based on an Excel list of caches, this completely new version is an application of its own.


Where GSAK has a perfect database for your caches, CacheMaps adds perfect mapping to the caches of you choice.


It takes a loc-file (from gc.com or from GSAK) and enables a wide range of maps at a mouseclick. Without converting and copy-pasting coordinates. It shows your caches on an overview map (called AreaMap). You can create your own AreaMap with the scale of your choice and centered around the cache of your choice.


I hope it satisfies you mapping needs!


Enjoy, BigBird


BTW, you can find CacheMaps at www.CacheMaps.com.

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Any chance you can add the site www.mapion.co.jp to its functionality?


A typical URL would look like the following:




It accepts integer values for degrees and minutes and two decimal places for the seconds.


Not one of the map servers you have listed on the "supported maps" supports Japan. Oh yeah, Mapion uses Tokyo Mean Datum, so you'd need to convert to that datum. Let me know if this is an option and I'll send you the mathematical formula to get the datum conversion.



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Hi VW,


If you can send me the conversion formula, I guess it is not a big problem to implement the Mapion maps as online map that can be accessed.

unfortunately this maps is not usable as AreaMap because it builds in tiles and not as one image.

Please send the coordinate conversion information to cachemaps@bigfoot.com.


By the way, did you check if the online map Expedia WRLD gives results? This one should cover the whole world, although the resolution is not very high. If this one works, I can implement it as AreaMap.


Looking forward to hear from you,



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@VW and all other potential users of CacheMaps:


A new version of CacheMaps is available, with some additional maps (including the mentioned Mapion maps for Japan and two maps for the UK). The total number of available online maps for your cache at a click is now 18 and the number of maps ready to be used as offline AreaMap is increased to 6.


The ability to directely open CacheMaps from GSAK is still one of the strong points, although also the standalone use, using loc-files directely from gc.com, is very usefull.


Please download you copy of CacheMaps from www.CacheMaps.com.


Enjoy geocaching (supported by CacheMaps) :)



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