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Cors Mistake


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I am only now starting to slowly learn about CORS stations. Researching in my area, I came across what I think is alot of people claiming a find on ORONO CORS ARP, AF9645 .


It would appear to me that everyone is claiming the find but that it is a non NGS recognized Gravity Control Station. The NGS site clearly locates an antenna as the observation point.


No one making the claim seems to be from these forums or has filed with the NGS site. But I do hope that anyone here that reads this will not make the same mistake.


I am adding a note as such to the GC page.


EDIT NOTE: Corrected Gravity Control Station as the mark being found.

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I think the reason the people are logging the disk is because the "GC Benchmark page" says it is an NGS Benchmark.


The designation is ORONO (which is stamped on the disk).


Finally the description does not mention the antenna.


From the GC Page-


Designation: ORONO CORS ARP

Marker Type: NGS Benchmark

Setting: setting not listed - see description



Since most folks do not check the original datasheet, it is understandable why they log the disk. It may not be correct, but they find a benchmark stamped ORONO and think they have the right one.


Your note on the GC page may help others to realise it is the antenna.



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You have probably both recovered CORS stations (I did it in my area just to attempt 100% recovery in my counties) and know what they can look like but to those who haven't seen them they are simply antennas, often roundish disks of plastic.


AF9536 is one that stands alone. AF9645 is most likely on top of the building and not very visible from the ground.


None that are in my area are on GC.com so I haven't logged any.


Edit because fingers are faster than brain sometimes.

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