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Questions - I'm New To This

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I'm new to geocaching and have some questions. I searched for a while around the trying to find the answers, but wasn't able to.


On the "Find" geocaches search results:

What are the following symbols under the "Icons" column?



stack of pancakes


What are the graph and numbers under the (D/T) column?


On GPS terminology what does "EPE" mean/stand for?


Your help is greatly appreciated!!



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The jeep is a White or Yellow Jeep travel bug. The coin is one of many geocoin travel bugs and the stack of pancakes (coins) means more than one coin is in the cache.


The graph is the size of container from micro to unknown. Hold your mouse over the graph to see the size.


EPE is estimated position error.

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Thanks for the help!


What does (D/T) mean?  And what does the fraction like (1.5/1) mean?

Here are the defs:


Difficulty rating:

* Easy. In plain sight or can be found in a few minutes of searching.

** Average. The average cache hunter would be able to find this in less than 30 minutes of hunting.

*** Challenging. An experienced cache hunter will find this challenging, and it could take up a good portion of an afternoon.

**** Difficult. A real challenge for the experienced cache hunter - may require special skills or knowledge, or in-depth preparation to find. May require multiple days / trips to complete.

***** Extreme. A serious mental or physical challenge. Requires specialized knowledge, skills, or equipment to find cache.


Terrain rating:

* Handicapped accessible. (Terrain is likely to be paved, is relatively flat, and less than a 1/2 mile hike is required.)

** Suitable for small children. (Terrain is generally along marked trails, there are no steep elevation changes or heavy overgrowth. Less than a 2 mile hike required.)

*** Not suitable for small children. (The average adult or older child should be OK depending on physical condition. Terrain is likely off-trail. May have one or more of the following: some overgrowth, some steep elevation changes, or more than a 2 mile hike.)

**** Experienced outdoor enthusiasts only. (Terrain is probably off-trail. Will have one or more of the following: very heavy overgrowth, very steep elevation (requiring use of hands), or more than a 10 mile hike. May require an overnight stay.)

***** Requires specialized equipment and knowledge or experience, (boat, 4WD, rock climbing, SCUBA, etc) or is otherwise extremely difficult.

A 1.5 would be somewhere between a 1 and a 2, so a "1.5/1" cache is easy to average in difficulty, and handicapped accessible in terrain.


Edit: Must learn to remove mittens before typing!

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