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Etrex Legend C Base Maps.

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Im fairly new to this forum so Im sorry if this question has already been raised and answered previously but Im having a problem with my Legend base maps.


Ive noticed that when Im travelling down motorways my GPS track is always about 50m out from the base map, it looks like Im travelling in the field next to the motorway rather than the road itself. Also I went caching alongside the river Avon some week ago and according to my GPS I was walking in the middle of the river the whole afternoon.


Features I manually upload or insert appear to be in the right place, like cache boxes because the co-ords are always very close but its the base map that seems to be 'out'.


I cant seem to find anyway of uploading a new base map or fixes / updates to my GPS.


Can anybody advise on how I can correct this problem please. Thanks.


Mark B)

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I had the same problem with my GPSMAP60.


Once I got hold of a copy of Metroguide Europe and uploaded it to the unit, this replaced the basemap and I had spot on accuracy.


The base map doesn't seem to be very accurate and is seems to be more of a guide. I'm relatively new to this myself and there are others more experienced than me who may want to add to this or elaborate.

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The fact of the matter is that the "basemap" is exactly that - a basic representation of the main road system as it exists. They are not accurate to the last 50m, sometimes not within 150m. If you look carefully at most of the roads at high zoom, you'll see that they are composed of straight-line sections.


The reason for all of this is quite simple: it's not possible to fit a highly-detailed road map into the tiny ROM space of an eTrex.


Here is a comparison: first, the Yeovil area from a Garmin basemap...




And this is the same (approximate) area, when mapped with Garmin's Metroguide v7 product...




There are two things that you can do:


1) If the basemap discrepancy is really annoying you, try going into "Map Setup" on the eTrex and select the "Lock on Roads" option. (Don't forget to turn it off again when geocaching.


2) Purchase (rather expensive) additional mapping for your unit, such as the product referred to above. Again, because of memory constraints you won't be able to fit all European mapping onto the eTrex at one time, but it will hold a substantial local area in GB - and is better than the basemap for many reasons.





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