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Loading Files In Gsak


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Currently it takes about 11 mouse clicks to load my newest Pocket Queries. The reason it takes this many clicks is the Browse window in GSAK (and most windows based programs) defaults to the “LIST” format of displaying the files in the folder (this is…alphabetically without any other details). Since it is a major pain in the butt to go down the list of files hoping I can remember the name of the pocket query, I change the view menu to “DETAILS” then sort by date to move the newest files to the top of the list. But because the size of the browse window is so small it takes 4 or 5 clicks just the view and select the newest file.


I guess my question is…. Is there anyway to have the browse window to default to “Details” with the newest file listed at the top? I'll bet someone has probably created a MACRO that does all this.

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You have sort of lost me with your question, but I will have a go anyway.


I change the view menu to “DETAILS”


I don't quite know what you mean by this, as there is no such option on the view menu. I suspect you are refering to the split screen view?


But because the size of the browse window is so small


Again, not sure what you mean but I will mention that the split screen can be changed to any size you want by dragging the horizontal bar up or down.

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I am sorry that my question is not clear. If I break down the steps, perhaps it will be clearer.


1. Click on Open GPX/LOC

2. Click on folder icon at the end of the command line window (this open the browse window

3. Click on the “View Menu” (last icon at the top of the Browse window)

4. Click on “Details”

5. Click on the open space on scroll bar below list of files to bring “Date Modified” into view

6. Click on “Date Modified” to sort by date modified

7. Click on Date Modified twice to bring the most recent file to the top of the list.

8. Click on the open space on the scroll bar below to bring the name of the files into view (window is too small to see all this at one time).

9. Click on the name of the file at the top of the list.

10. Click “open”

11. Click OK


That’s 11 clicks


Hope this helps.

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Ok, thanks for the clarification.


The dialog you refer to is just a standard windows file open dialog, so not too much I can help you with there.


However, I really think you should rethink how you load your data.


The easiest way to do this without involving a macro would be put all your gpx/loc files in the one folder.


Now you can tell GSAK to load a folder of files, and also make sure you tick the box "delete files loaded when finished"


This way all you need to do is put all your gpx/loc files you want to load into this folder then run the load dialog. There will be no need to go through the 11 clicks, becuase you won't need to specify the file name(s). You will only ever be loading new data, becuase the old data is always deleted after loading.


The only draw back with this method is that it deletes your files when finished, but most users don't need them after the load or they have a backup copy in their email client.


If you are really worried about the files being deleted, then you would need to use a macro to load the data - still deleting the files after load, but in the macro you would take a copy of the files to another folder first so you still have a copy later if you need them.

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This is not the best answer, but it'll cut your clicks down quite a bit.


As Clyde said, you're seeing the default Windows "Open.." dialog, and yes by default it opens by "List". Here's what you can do instead of the whole "Details" thing:


Pick an open area in the file list, as in where the red dot is here (and I would recommend to click where the red dot is - trying to get inbetween the file names is tricky) and RIGHT click:




On the resulting menu, left click "Arrange Icons By", then "Modified", as shown above.


It'll resort itself. Grab the horizontal slide bar and slam it all the way to the right. The last file you see is the latest one in that folder.


This is not permanent, but should work. Hope it helps.

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