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Anyone watch LOST on Wednesday night.


I want to do a LOST theme cache and am looking for ideas. I want people who have not seen the show to be capable of doing it, but it will be more oriented to people who watch the show. It will be a "Mystery" cache, as would be appropriate, and have at least one leg, if not more.


Things I'd like to use are the "numbers" 4 8 15 16 23 42, and in finding the cache "Everything happens for a reason."


It needs to have an Island feel to it, but that going to be difficult in Kentucky in October.


Any thoughts?

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If you need codes, I have come up with a few good ones in the past that are breakable, but only through a lot of trial and error, or knowing the correct keyword. If you were going to use one of my codes, I recomend that you create a virtual cache as the start point, with a sign or something making the keyword.


One of the codes is a verbal offset cypher. First, you convert the coords to words, (easy:one, two, three, etc. hard:the number of letters in the words corespond two the numbers of the coords) After you have the coords converted to words, invert the alphabet and copy down the resulting code. Then take your numbers and ofset them by the number of letters in your keyword. convert those numbers to some other form like binary, number sub wording, etc. Your result: A difficult to crack cypher that is virtulay imposible to solve without the coding information. You could distribute the code info in some micro caches around the cache area.

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Thanks, I think I get it, that is very clever. I might just take you up on that when I get ready to work on the cache.


I have never made a puzzle cache. I can see by reading your note it would probably be handy to know the coords of the cache and legs before hand. I'll have to work on a location as my first step.


Any help in puzzle caches would be appreciated, like I said I want everyone to be able to find it, regardless of whether or not they watch LOST.


How far do the legs need to be apart at maximum, I am thinking about spreading them out a little, you would have to drive/ maybe hike to get to the next leg.

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Lost Forum


You might get an idea from reading this page I found on one of the LOST forums. You could put clues to find "x" "y" or "z" in your coordinates possibly. You could start by putting clues on your cache page. These could lead to the first cache if you do an offset one. The number 815 is significant too. It's the flight number. Also: 4+8+15+16+23+42=108. Isn't 108 the number of minutes they have to type in the numbers and hit execute?


Maybe you could leave LOST (island) themed goodies for trade items.

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Whoa, that a lot of numbers, everything does happen for a reason, I haven't been watching closely enough. (Plus I don't have a TiVo.)


These numbers will have to be part of figuring out the coords, but it can't be obvious. Plus I plan to put the numbers on the cache somehow. (Woulden't a muggle freak out if he found that after watching the show.)

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