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Playgrounds (open To Public)?

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I'm thinking a catagory for playgrounds that are available for public use. I wouldn't want to say restrict it to just parks, because all of the schools here locally allow use when school is not in session. (Be it summer, weekends, evenings... I've seen homeschoolers on the playground between recesses.) That seems to be a fairly common thing... where there's a playground, kids will play.


It'd be useful for vacationing families, families who've moved to a new area... even those who've lived in an area for years and "never noticed the little park over there".

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As the sales and marketing director for a commercial playground manufacturer and an avid geocacher I've always thought we should be using our technology to point families at local playgrounds. Thanks for suggesting this waymark category. I hope it's accepted when the time comes to go live.





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Grownups hanging around playgrounds taking pictures?


Sounds like something that would invoke a tap on the shoulder, and an officer standing right behind you. :o

I don't know where the "taking pictures" part came into it, but rather than get into that discussion here, I'll point you over to this thread where the topic of "grownups in playgrounds" was beat to death. I'm sure a few people would love to see this one resurface. :cool:


Anyway, back on topic... marking the ones that do have this requirement serves both sides. Those that feel this makes the playground safer can know which ones they should pick if they have a choice. Those that feel this is stupid or don't have a child with them can know which ones to avoid. The playgrounds that have such a requirement will have a sign clearly stating it so it should not be any effort to mark the listing as such.

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