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When Does The Talking Stop And The Action Begin?

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I feel that the best way to advance the Waymarking idea is to continue with a slow and steady roll out of more categories and subcategories. You DO learn by thinking, but you also learn by doing, and by using course correction as you start to move.


At the moment things seem to have come to a stop. Let me give an example. In the past, I have submitted a quite of number of approved Earthcaches. The Earthcaching people said that they would be rolling out more subcategories on October 1st, and any new submissions would go on the Waymarks site, not to the GC site.


The Earthcachers have already defined many sub-categories on their submission form. But these established subcategories have not yet appeared on the Waymarking site.

Why not???


My new ideas for earthcache sites don't fit into the current TWO subcategories which are a catch-all "earthcache" category and "working quarries". So I can't submit them to GC nor to Waymarks.


For the time being let's follow the earthcaching model. Let them roll out their categories and sub-categories right away.


If people get really upset about something, or someone, let's have a simple "appeals procedure" .


Jeremy - Let's blow the starting whistle and start moving - at the moment Waymarking is a half launched ship!

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I came to these forums tonight to start this very thread. My nearest geocaches are getting further and further away and I'm ready to start giving Waymarking a chance. but...


I'm waiting for a category (california landmarks) to be created.


I would like to create a waymark for a local art gallery - but there's no straight-up art gallery category yet.


There *is* a category for "living statues", which seems stupid to me, but whatever.


Anyway, all I can see going on on the site is blather about who will vote on what and review this with whom and blah blah blah. Shaddup already and get this show on the road.

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I would like to think that I have been pretty supportive of the whole idea of Waymarking.


But, I too am starting to wonder about the developement, the input, the roll out, the beta test period.


For me, it comes more from the "There's been a lot of talk" position.


Many of us in these numerous threads have devoted a great deal of time and thought to providing suggestions on how we feel Waymarking could be developed or improved, or other words like those.


Ideas have ranged from Pocket Queries, Seraching for nearby Waymarks, Stats for all games being available at one place, Setting up management groups, Being able to decide what Catagories are of interest... the list goes on for quite a while.


There has been a lot of input, people talking through ideas and trying to figure out what works best....


Are any of the suggestions being considered? If so, which ones and why, and for those that aren't, why not?


If TPTB are hoping for the General Masses to continue to provide suggestion, we need feedback to know if we are going in the right direction, or it becomes an exercise in futility.


Please Jeremy and those in the know.... What have we suggested so far that you are developing, and what simply isn't going to work? Please give us some details.


It's no fun for anyone if we devote all this time and energy to trying to develop ideas, then to be dismissed and our input ignored.


I think that there are a few or many people that want to help... are you willing to let us?


:ph34r: The Blue Quasar

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We'll be opening it up for folks who are not Premium Members in early November. After then we will start rolling out some new categories pseudo randomly while we sort out the process for submitting them.

Since November has come and gone, :o is there another time estimate when you think that it will be opened to the general public? :o Trying to get in as many waymarks before then. :o Got several in my area and really love this so far! :o Only thing is I have a few categories/subcategories that I would like to add or have someone add. When do you think those will be open to vote for as well? :)

Thank you for all your hard work and wonderful ideas! :)

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