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Buffalo Wings Geocoin

Team Sand Dollar

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Ref: Buffalo Wings Coin




I will be submitting the final count for this coin this week and wanted to see if there was any addition interest in purchasing this coin.


The coin will be produced in brass and in nickel with even numbers of each. The plan right now is to have 400 coins made, with 100 going to my dad, 200 being used for trades, and 100 being sold. Of the 100 coins to be sold, 90 are already taken. If there is interest I will increase the number of coins by a maximum of 100 more, putting a cap at 500 coins with 250 of each type being made.


If you wish to purchase coins, the cost is $6.50 for the first coin and $5.75 for each additional coin. Anyone interested should email me with an email address I can invoice through paypal. Any one wishing to purchase, but not wanting to use paypal can email me to make arrangements.


Additionally I still have around 100 to trade. Any one wishing to trade can look at my COIN LIST to determine what I still need and email me with trades.


I am handling the coin for my Dad.


Team Sand Dollar

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